20 thoughts on “जुलाई का Maruti Suzuki का सबसे बड़ा Discount 🔥🔥 Maruti Suzuki Cars Discount in July 2020

  1. I had maruti desire why do you think I bought nexon?. Well i'll tell you my car got scrapped in a accident on mumbai pune express highway the car was on avg speed of 50-60 since the roads are narrow and it banged a tree. My friend who was driving had a major spine injury was hospitalized for 3 months luckily fine now and by god's grace i just got few stitches on my eyebrow could have lost my eye sight. Even i was a maruti fan once this accident changed my opinion. Now you will say I was careless n it was a accident….believe me all the people who helped us out their were of the opinion that it was not that major accident to cause such major injuries.
    The entire front part was crushed. It happened in 2018 i couldn't step into the car since then luckily got over it in end of 2019 with my families support this time I bought nexon and by driving itself it gives me confidence

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