36 thoughts on “🎄 CHRISTMAS TREE, CHLOROPHYTE & VALHALLA ARMOR, DISCOUNT CARD! – Terraria Ep.79 (Gameplay Lets Play)

  1. Hey waffle, you should go kill the cultists so you can get the vortex beater and try to get unreal modifier on it its good.

  2. the next step would be to go to the dungeon after you killed Planterra it became hard mode and after you killed Golem something else changed about it. have fun when you check it out.

  3. You should farm more pirate invasions, and try to get the lucky coin and the gold ring. It's pretty good to get more money from enemies drops

  4. Waffle, something i try to do is hoard my life fruit/life crystals until a major boss fight, and use them all when my health falls low. If you have 10 more life fruits (enough to get you to 500 max health), you can spam all of them during a boss fight and instantly regain 50 health: it's kinda helpful if your health potion is on cooldown

  5. you can craft candy cane walls to make the candy cane thing you wanted and be able to walk through it because it's in the background

  6. try and get more snow globes because the frost legion he drops a sword for the zenith and make shure that you have a empty room.😀😀😀😀

  7. Get the top tier ballista to use with your valhalla armor as it gets buffed when you are wearing the full set, also ballista is perfect for piercing a long line of enemies 😉

  8. i think your tree looks weird because it is as wide as it is tall, they have to be bigger vertically and that trunk is a small.. and santa sells you a proper Christmas tree!

  9. waffle! i want to see you buying the zoolist's saplings for Christmas!
    btw use that globe i think if you defeat the frost legion Santa npc comes.

  10. You know that if you defeat the frozen invasion it will open npc that sells a holiday that is stuffed in between there is a tree. In addition there is another invasion associated with Christmas in the name of the frost moon thet you need to try.

  11. Turtle armor isn't a direct upgrade from chlorophyte armor, it's a separate set. Beetle armor is a direct upgrade of turtle armor though

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