39 thoughts on “🏡 Property Selling at Discount – 2021 Real Estate Bargains?

  1. Im in coolangatta ..and prices are going threw the roof .

    Gone up $60,000 to $100,000
    Houses ….


    All the 1st home owners are going to struggle when interest rates go up .

    Theres going to be a big sell of wen this happens …
    Which will bring prices down in some areas .


  2. Property is a side effect of banking, specifically credit and loan market. If a garden chair was deemed to be more desirable the bankers would create lending products for it and push it above housing, especially if they can make more money on it

  3. I want to watch the whole thing come tumbling down and foreclosures and fire sales and lots of crying home owners exiting the market in sheer desperation. Too many people are buying shit they can't afford in the future when interest rates go up. This will tank catastrophically and you know it. And it is deserved!!!

  4. The market is boiling hot right now. That's to be expected, with all the stimulus and incentives. But like a sugar hit, it is only a quick burst.
    I expect the market will start to correct at some point next year. I'm looking at properties now and I see a high demand. But it's not a uniform one, there are places selling in days and others in months. The demand is gonna slow down I believe.

  5. Stimulus to continue. When govts arent penalised for running deficits via FX depreciation or high interest rates (which they arent) they will just continue to print money – QE. People dont realise what a house of cards our economy is sitting on.

  6. Melbourne???? Thats like SJW central … Like in Portland or New York … Hahahah you wonder why Melbourne is on "Discount".

  7. Canada is allegedly popping the juice …. Now waiting for New Zealand … And then …US …. The popcorn is cold again goddam it.

  8. The property market has been propped up for 20 years but hasn't it? I'm the same age as you and remember buying my first house when I was 20 something with the 14k first home buyers grant and there has been grants ever since

  9. House prices collapsed in 2015 – 30% due to the AUD collapse in 2018. House price will follow japan and anything over 20 years old will be trading below 100k. Units will be going for 5k a pop.

  10. Mornington Peninsula was bundled into the Melbourne metro lockdown zone, I would suggest that any downward movement in property prices would be people selling and re-buying in coastal regional Victoria or interstate.

  11. "Selling at a discount" sound like BS speak from the property industry. Discount is code for "the market value has dropped and the vendor was forced to meet the market in order to sell".
    The size of the "discount"? Does this represent the vendors inflated sale price expectation (encouraged by the selling agent)? Or the amount the vendor/agent were "trying it on" hoping to sell at above market value to a gullible purchaser?
    This type of property industry double talk belongs with "renovators delight" (a dump), "transport at the door" (on a busy, noisy main road), "cosy" (cramped) , "has potential (best to demolish and rebuild) etc etc

  12. I fully agree the government is scarifying the future generation with the funds to prop up the property market. Housing will be unaffordable if market correction is artificially supported

  13. I can't wait for the crash!!! We'll become a third world country almost overnight! It's going to be amazing!!! 😡😡😡

  14. But,,,but,,,I know a lot of ladies thought that they could do it on their own. That they could succeed… little did they know that no man is an island.

  15. Where I live postcode 3078, in 17 years the number of price reductions I've seen i could count one hand. Many instances of prices being increased when listed for a long time without selling.

  16. Do I detect a hint of cynicism. Mass produced house across the road was sold at top dollar, took 2 weeks to sell, and the new owners are in 6 weeks later. 🙄🙄

  17. A lot of people are buying because the government and banks are making easy to buy,really low deposits,government grants,lowest interest rates ever. FOMO is pumping the market,but all good things come to an end eventually. When the economy and world recover from Covid and the financial institutions decide its time to increase interest rates,a lot of people will be caught out. What goes up eventually comes down,( interest rates ). Then it goes up again,it’s a cycle and it repeats.
    Everyone has their opinion on what’s going on in the housing market,my opinion is the government and the banks are trying their hardest to stop the property market from correcting or crashing to a more realistic level. I think that the average home is about 25% overvalued for the Australian economy. People are also forgetting that the government has printed and pumped so much money into the economy,sooner or later they are going to want to get it back. How will they do this,increase taxes on every day items,increase rego and license renewals,driving offences,rates,things will start going up and in turn will decrease the amount the family will have to pay bills.

  18. I too am seeing nothing but houses selling in a day or 2 in NSW regional areas too. No signs of slowing down. I have never seen such a hot market. On another note. My saving accounts took a .25-.3% hit in the last day.

  19. In debt driven economy assests or economic capabilities of a country are the main guarantees for the investors who is buying government bonds. Japan has 200% debt to GDP for ages and not collapsing. Australia has 45%. New Zealand 35%. Main Australian and NZ assets are the properly and "a safe heaven tale" plus maybe some dirt for Australia. Those who are in power would do everything to keep assets intact. So lots of room is still left to rob the future. Black Swan would be a natural disaster or unmanageable crime wave or a civil unrest, corrupting "a safe heaven tale". That's it for now.

  20. Still extremely over valued compared to the majority of the world. When it gets closer to 3-4x gross household annual wage, then it will be appropriate.
    What can the government pull out of their hat? Super withdrawals for property purchases. Raping our Super Accounts to pump the Property Ponzi.

  21. No such thing as selling property at a “discount”. Property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, you aren’t discounting it just because you “asked” for MORE then it’s worth.

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