20 thoughts on “$120 Razer Huntsman Mini VS $45 Royal Kludge RK61! (DISCOUNT CODE)

  1. The sound test is by no means supposed to show which keyboard sounds better. It is more for you to see what it sounds like (especially with RK blues). Of course, I'll always recommend brown or red switches over any clicky switch. Let me know if you have any question about any of them!

  2. If I’m gonna get the linear optical switches and mainly use it for gaming, do you think I should get one or go for another keyboard like the k65 rapid fire

  3. Nice video! I actually returned my Rk61 a couple weeks ago because a month or two after I had it some of the keys stopped working randomly. I tried everything to try to get them to function again. So overall I think I’m going to get the huntsman mini because it’s a big trusted brand not like all the k61s which are from random Chinese brands!

  4. the pings for the RK61 tho- I really dont think it is only just a small 20.. more like a 60 to me… for my brown switches at least.
    not to mention, the keys/switches from the RK61 are literally suc, always happens after a certain of time, the switches keep losing it's sensitive for pressing each of the key, they are not consistent at all. That's seriously bad for either gaming or even pure typing, annoying af.

  5. This guy has the most random channel ever, why are you always on my search page from sneakers to badminton and to tech and peripherals. Good job

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