23 thoughts on “2020 Prime Day TV DEALS: Best TVs Discounted FINALLY

  1. If you get a gaming tv like the lg cx you will have a great gaming experience regardless of Gsync and 444 120hz (which I believe they fixed). The response time and input lag are excellent. There's no ghosting or smearing at all. I think LG has to keep up with the updated and fixes because Nvidia is involved which means the loud demographic of pc gamers is involved.

  2. "if your a gamer buy gaming monitor"
    that's just right on the spot!
    the cost is lower and the performance
    are higher than a gaming TV in 2020 models…
    so i ordered Dell S3220DGF gaming monitor…
    and looking forward for 2021 gaming TVs…

  3. Gaming features were pretty much my only consideration. I only use my TV as a monitor/ gaming system and I'm going to get a RTX 3080 and XBox Series X when available.

  4. Great video and thanks for the tips and great comment on gaming monitors vs hdmi 2.1. any gaming monitor recommendation?

  5. I still think the best thing to do is wait 1 more year where everything starts having HDMI 2.1, ATSC 3.0, variable refresh. I think next years models are going to be even more amazing.

  6. Vizio oled is already $1200 (50 a month, 24 months) and I can't use it for what I really want. Any lower with fixed features and I'll be very happy.

  7. Lg. Could have validated hdmi 2.1 or gotten an early sample. Nvidia even had these available for small YouTubers. Just lack of foresight. No way lg couldn't have gotten a 3080 sample firmware locked for verifying hdmi 2.1 features from Nvidia.

  8. Im going to be gaming with the PS5. Is it a good idea to buy the x900h this holiday season or wait for a potential 2021 model?

  9. Got myself a lg cx 48 inch. Debating on returning it (i have until the 26th). Hard for me to decide, since I am not able to get a 3080/3090 yet. Seems like people are still having issues after the update.

  10. Better video back to core content.

    You need to get a gtx, 20 series card and a 3080(or 3070 unless you already have a 3090 but this is a waste of money you can put towards other things you'll want to review) and start doing more gaming tests on hdmi 2.0 and 2.1 gpus.

  11. Sorry may I ask what are the best SDR movie picture settings for the Samsung Q90T , I've turned my backlight down to 20 and local dimming is on standard because on high it blooms quite a bit but even with these settings I still get blooming in the black bars of movies.

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