25 thoughts on “3 Underrated Tudors – Overlooked Tudor Models That Sell At A Discount -Collectors Should Take Notice

  1. If I were ever to go for a smooth bezel and an explorer flavored dial the north flag would probably be it. I think it might be easier (not factoring cost) to get a hold of than the Smiths Everest I’ve been wanting to give a try.

  2. I've been drawn to the P01 since I first saw it.

    It's an ugly piece, no doubt, but on some level and for some reason I don't understand, it works.

    First thing I'd be doing is taking it to my watch maker with a good tropic strap and asking him to try and make it work. If not – an aftermarket oyster style bracelet could definitely be made to work without fucking up that end-link. Either would improve it dramatically…

    This piece has future collectable written all over it IMO too.
    I can see an insufferable hipster of the future – possibly my own grandchild – asking me (in a way they ᴛʜɪɴᴋ is subtle) what's going to happen to this watch when I pop my clogs!

    Well. I already know my answer – I'll be donating it to Scientology!
    …which is obviously a lie but fuck you little future ungrateful & greedy hipster grandchild!

    Whoe!… that got dark pretty quick! 🙂

  3. I like the Advisor and the P01. If I was to purchase one it would be the P01. Right now it’s between that and the Chrono with B01. I think the chrono with the B01 is such a bargain.

  4. I'd also tack on the Ranger. It's no longer part of Tudor's catalog but some ADs still have one or two in stock they're selling for a STEAL.

  5. Pretty cool list Chris! For me personally, I really like the Tudor Ranger. I think it fits nicely into that Rolex Explorer alternative category. I've seen them on Jomashop for $2200, which I think is a killer price for a watch of that quality.

  6. I think the P01 will be a future expensive collector piece. No one liked the Daytona’s when they first came out.

  7. Great video and choice of watches. I personally own the pelagus and in my opinion a great watch to own at a great price. Tudor is a very underrated brand with a lot of quality and specs on their watches. You get a lot of value for your money. Never get why people often compared them to rolex, despite being owned by the same company they operate separately. Don't think they are the poor man rolex, they are very good quality watches, very well priced especially the ones with in house movements. Rolex is just a very hyped brand and at the moment very overpriced.

  8. Some good ideas here. Just one small detail – Tudor is not owned by Rolex. Both Tudor and Rolex are separate companies owned by the Hans Wilsdorf foundation.

  9. I like the Pelagos personally but I’ll wait forever until Tudor comes out with a sub (snowflake hands and indices)!

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