22 thoughts on “5 Things to AVOID at Your Discount Grocery Store

  1. I guess we are very lucky our discount store has in date mac and cheese for 20 cents and baked goods here are about 2 weeks BEFORE date here and alot of our boxed food is about a week or 2 before date if after it is NORMAL frozen I love seeing how different they are thought

  2. Thanks… now I am craving chips. It is all good… I have a $5 free gc from walmart. I can do a snack run. I don't buy them as part of groceries… If I have them… I will eat them. If I have to make a special trip… I won't most of the time…. then I just checked a app for when I was out… free turkey and a pumpkin dessert got put on the menu.

  3. Good tips. Some shoppers buy the wrong stuff on their first visit to the discount grocery store and then give up because it’s a bad experience.

  4. The discount store I go to is ran by Amish and they have fresh baked goods and fresh veggies in the summer and fall. They have a really good line of fresh lunch meat they slice for you that is cheaper than regular grocery stores. I love my Amish discount store.

  5. I miss living in an area woth affordable grocery options! Aldi isnt in this region and we dont have a discount store either, my grocery budget has nearly tripled

  6. It must vary by area. In my favorite salvage/bent 'n dent grocery store here in South Central PA (BB's Grocery Outlet), canned and boxed foods are the items on which I get the biggest savings. Also, they have in-date brand-name chips for about 33% lower than I'd pay for them at a full-price grocery store. However, their produce selection isn't the greatest and their frozen food department is rather small.

  7. I find the whole discount grocery store still a phenomenon. I see none in our area. I challenge you to find one for me. Perhaps it’s a raffle in the future to have you come stay in a hotel for a day or two and scope out my area? 🤭🤣😉

  8. I just went to a store called fresh for less. They had closeout sale and some things I bought that go out of date in a week, but I freeze them. I found soup for a quarter a can, and they are good until june 2021. I picked them up because that is cheap for my area. The other thing they had was potted meat but we don't eat it.

    I did get meat discounted there too. We were lucky they opened up here.

    I love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I don't buy pet food at the grocery discount store . I have noticed most times the prices are the same or more than the regular grocery. At least at my store

  10. Our 1 and only "discount store" is so close to regular price i dont bother going anymore. So i love watching your discount hauls. Thx for sharing.

  11. So glad you are sharing this video 🙂 Thank you for talking about this things, i makes soo easy to make good choices.

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