24 thoughts on “50% discount on #homeappliances/30%-40% on #electronics #Tadbund Discount Sale Market 365 days offer

  1. Bayya ఇలాంటివి రికమెండ్ చేయకండి ప్లీజ్,బయట 13000 వాషింగ్ మెషీన్ అక్కడ 12500, పైగా ఇక్కడ కొంటె denting/damage/scratches bonus.waste shop bayya.

  2. Sir I am in Vijayawada, will you please tell me these type of shops in Vijayawada or any door delivery facility is there. please tell me sir.

  3. Do these products have only minor dents and scratches or did anyone face any technical issues.Someone who purchased from here can plz comment

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