40 thoughts on “80% DISCOUNT – WHOLESALE விலையில் தீபாவளி பட்டாசுகள்🔥BRANDED CRACKERS IN ONE SHOP😍UNIQUE CRACKERS

  1. Neenga osila crackers vangarathukku yenkala ethukku yemathuringa bro 80% discount nu a anga solra price la over ra than irukku

  2. Bro ninga patunnu video poduringa avangaluku cal panna response kuda panna mataranga online panna kuda wep link work agula oru customer ahh epudi nanga order panrathu

  3. Bro…. My son 5 years old…. Ungaloda… Bayangara fan…. Unga tuber bass channel and gaming channel… Rendum par pan….. Ungala avanuku…. Romba pudikum

  4. கிப்ட் பாக்ஸ் எல்லாம் கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சம் சொல்லுங்க ப்ரோ

  5. Neenga sonnenga nu pona avanga response seri Ila bro keta ela mudunchu poitu next yr vanganu soldranga
    Very bad 😑

  6. Don’t order from This shop. I had very bad experience. I order crackers after seen this video. The service very bad and still I’m not sure about my money which is I have paid them. Vedi Varuma Varatha moment.
    Friends don’t order from them.

  7. Y u r not wearing mask? Even in other video about crackers u r without mask. Taking high risk not only to u but also to ur family. PL stay safe

  8. Buy 20000 wala in some selected brand. It will be different and your channel will the first to burst it among the youtubers

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