10 thoughts on “Add discounts in Webflow Ecommerce – Webflow tutorial

  1. Webflow e-commerce is really good. But not as good as Shopify. If I have to shift from Shopify to Webflow there are lots of things that Webflow don't have. And that's the reason I am not moving. Sad truth.

  2. This is great! But I was waiting for the part where we could limit the code to certain items, only have it allowed when the cart gets to a certain amount and have start and end dates for a code. These are pretty powerful controls that would be really nice to add!

  3. Very exciting update, Thanks Webflow! However it’s very important that we limit the number of codes that someone can use, that way they can’t apply multiple codes. Also the ability to add a use limit to certain codes, as well as expiration dates is crucial! Any idea on how long those features will take to release??

  4. How about adding real time filtering, a feature that is requested since 2017, one of the most basic things a website needs. Discount codes are not really a priority.

  5. I have a few websites with webflow one of them live. I’m thinking about moving to e-commerce for one of my sites but I’m not sure whether it will meet my needs.. who’s best to speak to? It’s quite a complex use case. Thanks guys!

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