30 thoughts on “Adding Promo Or Discount Code In ClickFunnels For a 2 Step Order Form

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  2. Hi – helpful video, I've joined CFTools to get the script to paste into the tracking code, I watched your video and Jamie's, I can get it to work fine, BUT it will not work for a 2nd product – Jamie's video doesn't address more than one product. Please help!!

  3. Hey man, appreciate you putting this video together. I've successfully implemented the code into my funnel. I do however also have an option of paying via PayPal – is there a way to get around this ie. applying the discount code to the payment that PayPal is set up to bill the customer with?

  4. soooo this is the BEST clickfunnels explanation ive ever seen ….HOWEVER …when i go to tracking code ….my box is EMPTY!! I Dont know what to do. I've been following along step by step and then i get to that box and there is nothing. Please help , I'm not sure what is going on or how i can fix this. I have a membership area I'm trying to create promos for events and some "groups of people" at a time

  5. questin for you man… first off, great content!
    my question is though… how do you add this for multiple products? i tried and it hasnt been working…
    for example my client has products for 1, 2, 3, and guest… so how could i add the main and discount prices to the code? complete seperate code for each one or i could just add to the one code?

  6. Hey,
    Thanks for the great video man,
    Really appreciate the value..
    I tried to implement this but when I opened the tracking code, there was nothing in there.
    could you please help me with this? did I miss something?

  7. This is awesome! I have a question – I just ported over my ecom store with multiple products to Clickfunnels from Shopify. Is there a way to do coupons that would apply to the “shopping cart” itself, instead of doing this for each item in my store?

  8. After watching this video i am really amazed. Thank you so much for sharing those amazing contents for free on youtube. Really appreciate it

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