31 thoughts on “Amazon urges users to uninstall Honey, the discount shopping app

  1. I got an a helpful email from Amazon today with the subject line: "EBAY BAAAAAAD!"
    They informed me that back-to-school supplies on eBay could be dangerous and to buy them exclusively from Amazon (or I might catch the Rona). They also said that PayPal thing on my phone is probably malware and to switch to Amazon Pay.

  2. Honey may not sell users' data to 3rd parties, by selling itself to Paypal, they basically sold all their users' data to Paypal. I'm not convinced its worth it. Thanks for the info.

  3. You absolute ignorant shill. Honey can hijack affiliate links to rewrite them as its own, on top of every product you buy.

    EDIT 1: I don't know if you're going to read this edit. I feel terrible for the foul language I used. I apologize. I hope you'd forgive me. I could have expressed my point without animosity.

  4. Great video and content but I agree, the moving camera was a bit distracting 😀 Also, does that mean Honey is a good app? Or should we stay away from it too?

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