44 thoughts on “Apple Online Store-India | Buying Guide | Trade-in | Students Discount |Apple Care+ & more in Telugu

  1. Hi Anna your doing excellent giving more new stuff to us
    I have small doubt Nadhi 1phone 11 89%bateery percentage undhi eppudu change chayala? And present iPhone 11 battery price entha undachu replace chayadaniki

  2. Naa iphone cable baga padaipoindhi, original cable 1700 anta Amazon basis iphone cable 800 which one should I buy bro

  3. Siva Anna. Due to many issues in ios 14 in my my 6s plus. I'm going back to my android for few days till stable version came . Signing off

  4. Hi sir I like videos very much clarity and very useful
    Can u tell me please that I want to transfer all what's up data with back up from android phone to iphone how we can do plz suggest if possible make one video it's very useful

  5. Sir nenu recent ga 20000rs Android phone loss ayindhi ..police station lo complaint ichina na phone dorakatam ledu…andukai iPhone kondamu ani anukuntunnanu .. iPhone loss ayina varai vadiki dorikina IMEI number block cheyavachu…and mana phone vadu use cheyakunda lock cheyavachu.. please reply sir

  6. After update ios14
    Shortcuts lo translate selection is not work sir (english to telugu long text select cheste)yela report cheyyali

  7. అన్నా.. iCloud ఫుల్ అని వస్తుంది. ఫొటోస్ ఆటోమేటిక్ గా ఫోన్ స్టోరేజ్ లోకి వెళ్లి అంటే ఎం చేయాలి అన్నా.

  8. Bro android phone lo 3g,4g,new phones are coming 5g anni vunatai kada Malli iphones lo kuda 3g,4g,5g anni vuntaya plz reply me bro

  9. Anna iPhone XR price will reduce aaa when iPhone 12 release and any performance change will be or not because iPhone XR is 2 year old iPhone

  10. Sir old iphone ichi kotha iphone 12 Ela konnalo. Video cheyandi sir.

    And old phone ni Ela repair chesukovalo oka video cheyandi sir

  11. Bro …. Direct ga APTRONIX lanti shops lo konte … We will get 5000 instand discount with HDFC and .NO COST EMI with Bajaj cards….. But, apple website EMI is charging 14% interest…. Which is best.

  12. Decent tech video bro I also watch Apple Explained channel. Do some content like him. In future your channel will grow don't stop.

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