23 thoughts on “BEST Shopee Try-on Haul + Review | 10.10 ready?! (discount code, cropped tops, loungewear, bags)

  1. uwu im glad that you mentioned your bust/ bra size because it makes it easier for me to decide in buying or choosing the sizes. i find it stressful when i buy cute tops and then they suffocate me in the chest area 😭

  2. Use shopee SSPEDO0000 or SSTENN0001 voucher. (100 pesos off minimum spend of 250 pesos. For first purchase. Any shop.)♥️

  3. Hi! I love your vlogs! This is the 10th video I have watched so far and I will certainly watch more! New subscriber btw! Keep safe and stay healthy! 💖

  4. i was just scrolling around shopee hauls and i stumbled upon your video and i love everything you bought! 🥰 i also like your style! subscribed! ✨🤍

  5. I have some of them alreadyyy!!! The green one you are wearing, i have it in white! hahaha they are all really cute. I wish this came out a month ago haha

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