18 thoughts on “Between Sowore & #EndSARS Protesters: Comrades Release Full Video to Discount Smear Attack

  1. Wow These Nigerians youths are not serious..isnt is Sowoere that gave them confidence to come.out and protest. With Revolution Now

  2. This man is fighting for all Nigeria even if you don't support him respect him I left Nigeria because of police brutality

  3. I knew those people were planted in the crowd to discredit Sowore and push wrong narratives. It is called caucus inside caucus

  4. Why i saw that short video on twitter i was crying like a baby n since yesterday i wasnt my self but I'm fine now. RENO is pushing for the video to trend on twitter but the tention is down. MY MENTOR SOWORE don tweet again this morning again. WE MOOOOOOOVE

  5. Thank you Segun for this upload.. Alot of people are trying hard to discredit Sowore and all he wants really is a better country for everyone..

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