35 thoughts on “BIG DISCOUNTS on RV GEAR, ACCESSORIES AND MUST-HAVES! It's Amazon Prime Day– Here are the 35 …

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  2. Love the eva- dry, but keep track of it when it's plugged in. I fried one by forgetting about it and left it plugged in too long. Crystals turned black 😒

  3. Hey Robin, you are the savvy saver! Thanks for all your tips! I have been wanting to get a camera but the one you shared cost a lot more than the sale price, whats up with that? I double checked and yup, not so good! drats

  4. Thanks Robin for the links! I bought your book!! I'm retired and think I could a little extra cash to spend on the grandkids….so maybe I'll find just what suits me in your book. 🙂

  5. I looked at the Instant-pot you linked to. It's 3 quarts, with 11 programs. I searched Amazon, founded a 3 quart with 10 programs for $49.99. is $10 worth one program? IDK, but I chose the cheaper one. YMMV,

  6. Robyn, this video must have been so much work and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You are the best!!!! Thank you 🙏

  7. Any audiobooks you get with a credit on Audible is taken away if you stop your subscription. This is BS because if You want to keep them, you have to pay for the membership and the audiobooks and not use the credits. High membership cost.

  8. 💯💖 Robin, can't thank you Enough! I now have BOTH of your nomad books! And I have to tell you, I'm pretty sure you're why I got Prime. You do so much with these lists, for us! Thank You! 👍

  9. Thanks for the list! Are the solar outdoor LED lights attached permanently to your RV? How are you using them on the ground?

  10. I clicked your link forAMZN and something downloaded on my laptop from AMZON but I did not reach your page. Is there another way to access?

  11. Hmm many things on list don’t have amazon deal discounts showing and I’m a prime member. Like the Kendra dry texturized spray, and everything I’ve looked at thus far going down the list.

  12. Love my Jackery 1000! Thanks for the great list of items. Maybe it’s my crappy RV Park WiFi but the amazon link doesn’t work. I got there typing in the url but then it went to some google drive screen….tried to get back there 3xs and got same screen. Idk 😫 maybe someone posted a solution will look

  13. At 21:29 – How could you do that to Big Boy? No dignity is right! Robin, you're gonna get drummed right out of the Kitty Corps for that one. Unforgivable. (Shhh! Nobody tell on her.) Thanks for the suggestions and a pretty good laugh this afternoon!

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