1. U always do great grocery hauls I love watching ur channel and u doing u we all are only human but keep up all the terrific things ur doing on ur channel glad ur doing better but be sure to get some rest hello to u and all ur family God bless u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Early term births are down 90% since the pandemic started so I hope that's some encouragement everything will work out great. Rest is important!

  3. Good evening hon! Ur looking great!😍 u got ur pep in ur step again..🤩 glad ur feeling better! Thank the Lord contined prayers 🙏 luv ur super shopper… and yes that Naked juice, u know I'm jealous!😂😂 boom chica pop too.. yay! U did good.. that cake sounds yum! Hope Amelia had a great bday..sending hugs.😍🌻🌼

  4. Looking great praise the lord thank you jesus you are doing wonderful job just pace yourself loved the video missed your regular ones when you were sick

  5. OMG… thanks to you my husband and I discovered Sharp Shopper! Even though we have to drive 2 hours to get to it. The gas and savings are worth an every 3 month trip!

  6. Jamerrill I just took a organizing / decluttering course and thought of you and your health. #1 Declutter first, #2 Organize what you want to keep. No point in organizing without decluttering first as one goes in circles and wastes energy. #3 Something comes in such as clothes, from drawers or laundry something comes out. #4 Watch what stuff and things one collects – streamline. #5 Stuff and things don't make a home.

  7. I love your videos! Glad you're getting better! I live in Lancaster, PA and have 2 Sharp Shoppers within a 10 mile radius. I rarely shop there though because I am always tempted to buy the junk. I am very blessed with many discount grocery stores though and many of them specialize in organic and healthier foods!

  8. So thankful that you are feeling so much better and that you’re up and about at Sharp Shopper! Please take it easy and let other people help you💜💜💜!!

  9. I know you’ve talked about your table before. Could you link me to that? Or just quickly, where did you get your table?

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