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  1. BIRYANIS & MORE is offering 20% discount for all the subscribers of ‘Street Byte’. For both Dine in and Takeaways
    Visit the link below.
    Avail 20% off up to 500 rupees off in all branches across India on both dine in and take away.
    And up to 10% off in the US on a bill of 20 dollars, 10% off in Canada on a bill of 20 dollars and 10% off on a bill of 20 dirhams in the UAE.

    Biryanis & More has its branches in Hyderabad at Ameerpet, Chandanagar, Hi-tech city, Manikonda and Gachibowli and in other cities like Vizianagaram, Vizag, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Mangalagiri, Tenali and Bangalore.

    Grab your discount now!!!

    Concept – Ravitej Ravuri – https://bit.ly/30OOrCA
    Dop – Ram Prakash – https://bit.ly/30LBoBE
    Social Media Promotions – Sai Giridhar Adabala – https://bit.ly/33N7Rtr
    DOP – Uday Karthik – https://bit.ly/3ivLQmY
    Line Producer – Rohith Sunkarapalli – https://bit.ly/2PJUL7Z

  2. హాయ్ అన్న నెను మంచి వంట మాస్టర్ నాకు ఒక అవకాశం evvndi

  3. Mee videos chusthunte,
    Phone call vachhina lift cheyadam ledu.
    Meeku adict ayyamu antebme videos a range lo untaayo artham chesukondi.

  4. Meeku famous avvali anukunte mee state ki velli mee vallatho bongudayala pulusu, bondalu, ariselu thinandi ave telecast chesukondi

  5. Gaddam Naveen anna pure Telangana, ravi garu from from our friendly neighbour state. Mee show popularity kosam ma Telangana people ni avamaninchadam tagadu mee way of behaviour assalu baledu with our loved naveen garu. By the way mee over action tagginchukondi. Show some respect

  6. Respect is lacking, jokes Veyochu we do enjoy ur vedios a lot but guest deserves some respect. Remember that they are potent to ur show, Miku chepy age kadu Madi pls consider as suggestion 🙏

  7. Andaru Ravi Ni enduku vesukuntunaro ardam avatle, he was very friendly with the guest, why everyone is finding rude behaviour in this behaviour

  8. Ravi anna,I am not liking ur attitude on naveen garu,especially when he is ur guest and you are dis respecting him…If you repeat this you will loose subscribers

  9. 1. I sense your disrespect towards Naveen.
    2. Ask the cameraman and/or editor to show us the food more than your faces.

    Disliked because of your disrespect towards Naveen.

  10. Bhayya,
    What for you did this video?
    You want to show us how to eat a item or introduce the items available in that particular place?
    Do not concentrate on eating, try to explain about the specific items available there and their taste.
    Thanks and Regards

  11. Yetakaram ekkuvayyindi ravi.please treat other people's with respect especially when you are offering food.not only Naveen your team mates also ..vedios and efforts for them I appreciate

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