27 thoughts on “Bob From Bob's Discount Furniture Has Family Problems

  1. haha so good! I just wish you used more of Bob's famous lines like COME ON DOWN, I DOUBT IT and NO WAY NO HOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  2. my best friend is Bob's grandchild and she has lived in Bob's Discount Furniture store for years. Today she was let out to roam the outside world. If you see her, call your nearest Bob's Discount Furniture store and report to Bob.

  3. They have terrible customer service–if you need repair it will take a month or more to get satisfaction. I can't recommend them in good conscience.

  4. Buyer Beware!!!! Dont buy from Bobs.. Raymond and Flanagan Your best Bet. We had our sofa insure and now its Damage.. They dont want to do nothing to Help, Buy at your own risk.

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