50 thoughts on “Buying Discounted LEGO at Walmart

  1. My Walmart (VA) looks nothing like that. The shelves are still pretty bare since before Christmas. Hopefully they will get new stock soon.

  2. Got Jurrasic Park set no. 75930 for just USD25 (regular price 159 I believe) in Walmart during our holiday in Puerto Rico. Then had to take it all the way back to Czechia. Worth it.

  3. We don’t even have Walmart in UK.. at least I don’t think so I have no idea where to find discounted Lego in stores.

  4. Just a shame that others will miss out on those sets because of you…
    I usually like your videos, but this video has changed my mind about you completely.

  5. I picked up 2 Lego 76166 AVENGERS Tower Battle for $22 ea yesterday at Walmart. Download the Walmart app and scan everything.

  6. Thank goodness I only buy what I like. On sale at the price I’m willing to pay. Can’t imagine getting all that as I’m already piling with Transformers and video games. In addition to LEGO of course.

  7. Just got back from our wal-mart in the us in Nevada,, and the whole lego isle was gone 😢,, they had maybe 8 sets left “Minecraft” and a couple of Mario’s

  8. Man. You guys got some great stuff in Canada. Such an overload of Legos, actual discounts, and a ToysRUs. Oh well, I won't complain. Walmart sometimes offers random discounts on lego out of the blue. I got a moltenman set for 5 bucks USD and a fire station for 15 USD. No new deals since then and it's been a while.

  9. I wish I have real and Authentic Lego Sets because I am from the Philippines, Not an Canadian or American I dont have money to buy real Lego sets

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