32 thoughts on “Canon R5 Discount – $1,060 Off!

  1. I’m in Australia and there were actually better deals around! – I managed to get a 2nd R5 body for what will be $5339AUD (after a $250 cashback from Canon), and there was stock so I took it home with me as well!

  2. Yup. Always ask for price match. It’s a competitive world and local retailers are terrific and I want to support them but they need to make it easy…and they always do. Oh, and Simon, time to start astrophotography with your son’s space interests!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Question…Have you ever used a Canon BG-R10 battery grip on your R5 or a R6? I had a similar one on my old canon t2i and I miss using it for taking photos. Having that extra button when you flip your camera was nice…. and the extra battery life was really nice too. I see Canon has a Wireless File Transmitter WFT-R10A handle… Why? Is it faster or better than the internal wifi?

  4. Just picked up my R5 on the 24th!! Couldn't help my self. Living in aus. Got the 50mm 1.8 and im addicted. Then had to get the 24-105 F4 two days later. Out of the box complete newbie to cameras! I love it!! Can't wait to use it more and more.

  5. I bought my R6 in Australia for $4300. A week later it was on sale for $3670. I was F#$king IRATE! I assumed that because it was a newly released camera it wouldn't be discounted for a while – BIG MISTAKE! I wrote a stern email to Canon Australia and they told me they don't control the retail prices, which I think is different to the US market where they have much more control.

  6. International pricing is a mystery to me, even if you take into consideration that US pricing is before tax there is still a huge disparity compared to the UK pricing which includes tax (VAT) at 20%.
    The R5 retail price of £4200 at our current meandering exchange rate is somewhere in the region of $5600 US, almost 50% more, no one seems to be able to explain why the difference is so significant, even if you added 20% to the US price there is still a big difference.
    We used to see similar £ to $ pricing, so that would equate to something like £3800 but that no longer seems the case, at least not with the R5.

  7. Here in Holland the Canon R5 cost 5.588,- USD or 7.179,- CAD, here is no discount sadly enough! I saw the Canon R5 for 5400,- CAD at Henry's but thats without tax I think? The R6 is the same price as here the R 🙁

  8. Even though there's a discount of 50-60% in Indonesia. I can't afford it yet. Because it hasn't found a job and if it does get a job in this country and it becomes a staff job here, it still can't afford to buy it. Unless my salary had reached 30 to 50 million in rupiahs and had certainly earned a position as manager or director. I could save a couple of months to buy it, for now I'm using smartphones for hunting photos, Simon. Be safe and keep healthy for you and family in there, Simon. ❤️🙏👍

  9. I could be wrong but it seems to me that you can plug in the camera via usb and run the R5 and R6. You could not with the r and RP.

  10. hi again I thought I would help you out with battery's. lp e6n . So here in the uk canon sells them for £100 very expensive my tip of the day is search ebay for used ones you can pick them up for around the £15 mark . Even if one turns out to be bad most will be good. I have bought over the past month 7 extra chargers for around £15 each they sell for around £80 from canon. As for battery's i have about 15 found for around the £15 each. 2 came from china but seem good. i have about 25 battery's in all. Hope this helped you out.

    ps – dont buy the ones that are a off brand type yes you can pick them up for £20 for 2 new ones. But they are a bit dicey to use because some times the camera will refuse to run on them. one last note the new chargers on ebay are counterfeit yes they are cheap and look genuine but their not. A child was killed and electrocuted by charger from china for a game boy. stick to used ones on ebay to be sure their legit .

  11. just my two cents…
    I go along with most you're saying but I can't support this notion of asking sub-online prices from the local camera store… if you want to maintain it. Basically bargaining with your local dealer to undercut the online sales price is asking them to sell at a loss, imho and experience. gear
    If you WANT your local dealer to survive, you need to grant them a decent margin. Their cost is much higher than any online store, so the math is simple.
    I'm not saying I pay extra to support just any local store, I only do if I think them existing adds a value for me (in the long term). The biggest value they can offer IMHO is availability. Amazon delivers next day, but if I need something NOW, nothing beats the local store. Having certain gear like camera batteries, filters, tripod mounts and general electronics like cables, adapters, RAM, graphics cards etc. readily available to pick up WHEN I need it is something I don't want to disappear and I sometimes pay premium for maintaining that "service". Therefore I usually go and order stuff the locals don't have high margins on with the cheapest dealer and support the local dealers with something they'll actually profit from. The larger investments like cameras and such usually fall into the category of almost zero margin for the dealer but huge savings on the buyers side if you can get it cheaper.

    Normal electronics stores with staff knowing less about their inventory than me can and should vanish IMHO. I'm not wasting money to pay for their high rent to keep local stock and offer subpar advice worse than what you get the first 5 google hits.

  12. @Ordinary Filmmaker I'm sorry if I'm posting this under the wrong video but I would to know (if possible) your opinion on Olympus cameras and Pentax? Where do they stand of in terms of "quality" rather than features or numbers compared to the other brands. Thank you.

  13. Simon you are 1000 percent correct, go to your local dealer and ask them what they can do. I just bought a Nikon Z6 used after trading in a Nikon d810 and I was still able to negotiate a deal off of the price. The next day I traded in a two Tamron lenses that wouldn’t work with the Z system even with the tap in console and I negotiated even some more money off of the used Nikon 24-70mm S f4 lens. I believe in buying my cameras and as much gear as I can local. Local Dealers need our support and for online dealers we are just numbers and like you said Simon, the price is the price, take it or leave it. With local dealers you share their experiences and build Relationships, which can prove invaluable.

    I at least buy the cameras local. I shoot Fuji as well, an Xt3 and I got a deal from another local shop on an older used Fuji xt20 in mint with only 3700 shutter clicks and I negotiated an even better deal because of the business I do with them. My father in law always said, a closed mouth can’t get fed, so don’t think the retail price is the final price. Heck the first dealer when I went in to get a second battery for the Z6, he had an older one, which works with the Z6 and my D500, but it had some marks on the outside case and I was going to buy it anyway at a discount and he just gave it to me because he said it was customers like me that helped him make his sale goals considering how bad 2020 was. Happy New Year Simon and Happy New Year to you all!!!

  14. Simon I'm pretty much going to say it in the name of most of my friends of you also we just like you without too much information behind it we just like you as a person we won't mind seeing more of your videos outside the camera department although I do think you should be camera themed for example a small demonstration of a filming stuff which your son and the things that you filmed make it more vloggy not too crazy just more vloggy content we like you you are our YouTube dad or at least one of them I think you should make some more of like a content on your channel once a while we do like your channel and we like you a lot

  15. I think R5 is too expensive here in Australia. I bought an R6 which I still think is expensive for what it does and the recoding limit can be a problem. After using 4K intermittently when you stop recording after a while it only gives me 20 minutes which is not good if I use it for interviews. I also expect that Clog 3 should be included.

  16. Hi Simon

    A slightly atypical question for your Q&A's.: I wonder how your viewer distribution is?
    Usually you have a lot of focus on US and Canadian marked/prises
    (logically your origin taken into account), but this time you started in austrailen. So where is the main veiwer-base located?
    (And as a resident of Lego's homeland – Denmark, I feel obligated to inform you what Lego must be mixed and built with the child's fantasy, not followed som strict
    instructions, I mean, how do you take pictures? do you following a fixed formula? 😉

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