35 thoughts on “Car Discount Negotiation Tips. Best Deal Guide

  1. अगर किसी को कार लोन लेने में
    Civil trac के कारण परेशानी हो रही हैं तो

  2. they should have a mall instead of separate showrooms and share all at once this way the price of cars will go down and have fewer salesmen this way a lot of price cut in cars and higher sales ratio

  3. I just booked creta 2020 with 25000 as booking amount I asked dealer for corporate discount however he declined it saying we don't have any discount on creta 2020 could you help me with this concern

  4. Thanks for valuable comment, I clearly understand that car dealers earning more than car manufacturers.. at the end car buyers will suffer. However, car manufacturers should have their own dealership. this move will change lot…

  5. I am looking to buy 5th Gen Honda City just wanted to know if there will be any discount. I have spoken to multiple dealers but nobody is ready to give any discounts. Please suggest

  6. Your videos are big valuable to me, I learn new things in your every video.
    I want to buy new Altroz and as you know Tata's dealer have big issuance cost. I am looking for online insurance can you please name any premium online insurance website or company.

    And thanks to your video i am saving Handling charges they were asking me to pay😁

  7. I am planning to buy a tata nexon XMA amt. What should be a gud price for thw dealer to give me in this.?? . Also… About loan I asked for price break up of car… They have me three break up…ex showroom… Insurance and registration… Nothing was written about loan… Pls guide

  8. Sir, I am purchasing kwid climber 1.0MT opt by paying 468190/- as exshowroom and I am doing registration and insurance personally. I am only getting 7000/- as corporate discount and 10000/- as cash discount as in West Bengal the exshowroom price is 485190/-.
    Is it a good deal????
    Or can I expect something more from the dealer like free accessories or further discount????

  9. Sir Baleno Zeta Loon Ya Nios Sports (Manual/Petrol) Loon.
    We are 3 family members. Jyadatar highway pe chalegi 1500 Km per month.

  10. सर नमस्ते मैं जलगांव महाराष्ट्र से हूं मुझे हुंडई क्रेटा मॉडल लेना है डीलरशिप मुझे self इंश्योरेंस प्रोवाइड नहीं कर रहे वह कहते हैं इंश्योरेंस हमारे पास से ही लेना इसमें करीब 23हजार का डिफरेंस है हमने होंडाई customer care में भी कंप्लेंट किया है बट वह लोग भी टाल रहे आप बताइए हम क्या करें

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