47 thoughts on “CAR PRICES: DEEP DISCOUNTS AT CAR DEALERSHIPS? P1- Auto Expert: The Homework Guy, Kevin Hunter

  1. Hello Kevin, I appreciate the information that you share. I was in a dealership a week a go and i heard the opposite from the salesman. He stated that people arebover paying the MSRP by at at least 10K.

  2. I’m looking to buy a hyundai palisade SEL FWD with bench seat option white color new I’m in Virginia, what the best price you advise out of the door after taxes and fees so I don’t get rip off.

  3. Thanks Kevin ! I've been soak up I signed paper without reading what I were signed for instead finance 36 month got to 60 month .


  5. What about a certified lexus rx350 f aport with less than 30000 miles? I send my offered of 37000 with 5000 down and they haven't really respond??? The car is 39999

  6. I'd already been shopping around before discovering this channel. I knew that the power was going to be shifting to the buyer but it appears that I may have more power then I originally pictured so I will be coming back regularly for updates

  7. why are new car sales down? Due to consumer pressure [ provided by guys like you] pride of makers. Unlike some makers who include parts made tofail, the number of cars made exceeds th number of cars needed. Thanks again for fighting the age old American greed!

  8. Just got a new car for 17,500 out the door (16,400 before sales tax) that had msrp of 20,000. How'd I do? Invoice said 19k and some change. The staff seemed very defeated. 3% financing for 24 mo. #TheHomeworkGuy

  9. #homework guy thanks for the infromation to help a guy like me get a better deal.I know I got a rotten one this last time,but I do look forward with your help to get a better one

  10. Your videos are fantastic…WOW the mistakes I've made over the years on new callpurchases.  Anybody buying a new car should watch your videos and make notes before going to the dealership.

  11. Fantastic information! Does all of that apply to an RV? Specifically a class C ? Based on what i learned, off of watching this, would i turn down all of the service agreements on an RV as well? Which ones would/should i keep?

  12. Just bought a 2018 F150 Sport with 27,500km, and a lot of extra features like a panoramic moonroof and box step assist. I paid $35,000+tax & licensing. Went through a dealer but only paid a licensing fee and my Provincial tax (I am in New Brunswick, Canada). I feel I got a pretty good deal.

    I don't understand buying new. I figure let somebody else take the big hit and get it with low km.

  13. #TheHomeworkGuy how do i get my mechanic to inspect the vehicle? Like just bring him with me to the lot or what? Sorry if its a dumb question. Im just new to all this. Barely got a job that allows me to afford a purchase of this kind and finally get rid of my junker.

  14. We just bought our 2020 Honda Accord Touring!!! Our current GM lease matures next month and we haven't heard from GM about extending our lease. Meanwhile, our 2020 Honda lease will be $100/month CHEAPER than the current lease on our 2017 Buick Regal. We got car quotes from 3 Honda dealers. It BOGGLES THE MIND how 2 of these dealers were still padding the MSRP with dealer add-ins (VIN Etching! Really??) and our 3rd quote was hundreds less than the others. Almost $4,000 off MSRP — so now we wait for them to get our color choice and pick up the new car over the next couple of weeks!

  15. Hertz car sales hasn't budged much either. Actually the prices are higher than they were in early March. Good luck to you car sellers who don't have a way-back machine to 2009. 😂

  16. They need to make a new model every 10 years, NOT each and every year. In the past, there were times when people had to wait in line to order a car. There is, as we speak, millions of unsold cars and the market are bombarded with new ones coming in. In the past car makers produced on an "as ordered basis", and consumers used to line up to place orders. Nowadays, the slogan is the "pizza place" style: "Buy One, Get One Free". The days you visit the coffee shop for donuts and coffee have been replaced by the day at the dealership. They have every variety of coffee imaginable, from espresso to cappuccino including cold sandwiches. There is no shortage of car dealerships in any city, in fact, new car dealers are popping out like mushrooms everywhere. Another disaster is approaching at fast speed: China's electric cars are joining the wild mushrooms as millions of them are currently in production and additional millions in the process of being manufactured. Another funny situation, the car remote starter starts not only your own car but a group of cars in the same parking lot, all at once; and all cars' lights start flashing like Christmas trees. Cars keep getting smaller and further smaller with lower roofs. This is unreal! You got to be short and petite to fit into these cars. God forbid, you get into an accident, you're really screwed, they have to cut off your legs to get you out, What a disastrous situation! There is in some areas flee markets or farmers markets, soon we will see (Cars flee markets). In another video comments section, someone wrote: "Sent them to the third world countries who don't manufacture cars such as the USA OR CANADA. How the people around the world learn so fast that the General Motors closed down in Oshawa Ontario or other car manufactures in the USA such as Detroit, Ohio, Michigan, Oakville, Maryland, many of which moved to Mexico. In the meantime the 2019 General Motors strike with the walkout of 48,000 United Automobile Workers from some 50 plants in the United States demanded increased job security, the gateway for temporary workers to become permanent, better pay and retaining healthcare benefits. Meanwhile, the U.S. automotive industry is facing incredibly fierce global competition from other car companies, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda and a host of other car manufacturers, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Mitsuoka, Audi, Porsche, Alpina, Fiat, Dacia, Moskvitch, Yo-Mobile, Advanced Automotive, CT&T United, Volvo, and thousands more. Go to automobile manufacturers around the world on Wikipedia. Global auto manufacturers flee to Mexico and other emerging countries due to their cost advantage, as hourly wages in Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, etc. are much lower than in developed countries. Mexico has many advantages for auto manufacturing due to many factors including the cheap labor, railroad, and road transport links and close proximity to the US. The story about the car overproduction is not ending here, however, in another comment, someone suggested that the US government purchases all the excess inventory and sells for $ 1 for legal purposes to the homeless people with first in line all war veterans who are starving to death and sleeping on the street all over America.

  17. #thehomeworkguy – thank you so much for the wealth of information you share on car buying. I'm guilty of some of your "not to do when buying car". I'm so much wiser now. Thanks again!

  18. Car prices will and are already going up, not down due to supply and demand. There are major shortages coming. This video will prove to be inaccurate imo.

  19. Hoes does a 04 rsx type s 73k miles going for (listed two months ago) 11.8k
    It’s been a minute since I’ve searched for this car and a month later still there. Is it logical to look at the car and then come back. I’m saying letting them know someone is dying them. Or should I go when ready

  20. Canadian auto prices have not moved at all. All the websites will say "deep discounts" but don't believe it. Willing to wait and trade my 24 beer for your Rolls Royce. It's coming !

  21. I'm excited about this news I have a 99 Toyota Camry and I want to buy another vehicle to supplement I may be able to afford a car I truly want 😊

  22. #homeworkguy
    I have a question. Do rebates affect the value of a brand new car and do you pay taxes on those rebates. The reason i ask toyota gives rebates where honda doesnt just wondering why toyota does this.

  23. I have decided to finally get a driver's license at 34. I'm looking into getting a Toyota Camri or a Honda Accord. Is it better for a first time driver to buy their first car used and get used to driving in something cheaper, or does it really matter?

  24. Yep got $3000 off my $30k new Veloster N which is a low volume vehicle that was being "market value" marked up to $34k until a couple months ago, so technically got $7000 off what they were

  25. I wish I have seen these great deals in my area. In fact I've noticed that the deals that were available BEFORE the pandemic are no longer there. All the 2019 vehicles are gone and the 2020 ones just don't have those fantastic rebates and prices.

  26. #TheHomeworkGuy A question on a lease. I'm 2 years in a lease on my car, with a zero penalty clause if I decide to break it early. I'm now seeing used cars which are newer than mine with more features at the same price or lower than when i leased my car. My question is, if I have some disposable cash for a down payment is it a good time to break the lease and purchase a car?

  27. Ford is likely to regret discontinuing most of their car line.Not everyone could afford an SUV but the company banked on people breaking down and buying them anyway. Now there are a couple cars available, on a Mustang which is impractical and expensive for many, and some dealers are still not budging on price. I dealt with one today and told him I found a similar car at another dealer for significantly less than what he was asking. He would not even make a counter offer.

  28. Thank you for sharing your very valuable car knowledge. I plan to go without a car for a few months, in hopes I can find a private seller. From March to May, dealerships appear to have increased both new and used car prices by several thousand – it's insane. I've visited many dealerships and GMC has been the worst – very arrogant and not willing to listen or negotiate. End of March, I was looking at a used (2016) Encore about $10k. When I visited the dealer, the price suddenly became $19k. The used car was higher price than some new 2020 models. Today, the same vehicles are $25-32k. I don't get why they (StL Buick dealers and their unfriendly sales mgrs) don't care about developing positive relationships and lifelong customers…like they used to at least pretend to, in the olden days.

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