35 thoughts on “Choking Victim – Five Finger Discount

  1. Robert Girod, please just shut up. We get it, you are SOOO much better than the rest of us with your racism and close mindedness.

  2. fuck you .. you are a kid and have never earned a single thing…. that is why you talk what you talk… you aint shit but a hoodlum…. grow the fuck up kid…. GROW UP

  3. fucking scum bag…. we have to pay for you while you are locked up….EVERYONE REALIZE this… we have to pay criminals to have a vacation in jail… ive been there many times… you get a bed … breakfast..lunch and even dinner.. they wash ur clothes and blankets

  4. while i am here might as well say….. my mom sometimes leaves her wheel chair on HER OWN drive way…. and twice it was stolen and my ma didnt press charges but these kids put it in a apartment pool 🙁

  5. nothing but arms fucking weak as people who stole a wheel chair ramp. my mom is young 44 and can still drag her self up steps… fucking bulshit

  6. i dont.. i grew up. before and after Metal Scrappers or whoever stole my moms wheel chair ramps the only way to get in the house… for 4 months she srawled up the steps with her chair… fucking scumbags

  7. you know by stealing shit from stores it just fucks over those who don't the corporations make you pay the property loss thats why its 8 bucks for razor heads

  8. every security ive encountered is piece of shit. i trust youve never spent the night in shops before? haha. fuck honesty and customers, i pay the sacrifice by living the life and you wait in line. xhimpanZe.

  9. One of the reasons for raising the price is to cover the cost of theft so in the long run, you are just making it worse for us all. It's not the corporation that covers the stolen items, it's its honest paying customers that ultimately pays the bill.

  10. stealing from the rich & giving to the poor is a lot of fun. it wont bring down a corporation, there losses are covered. as a former krger meat cutter i can tell you that all major stores & fast food joints use the power of suggestion to keep you focused on shopping. as does every thing out side of it. no escape. im gonna get a whopper now

  11. Stealing is not what is wrong. What is wrong is the obsession we have with property. People who put more value on material objects than they do life are the ones that are fucked up. These same people who would rather throw away usable items than give them away because there is no profit in giving are the ones who need to correct themselves, not the people who take what they need to live.

  12. "
    Yeah, stelaing is wrong. It is much better for people to do without necessary things like food and shleter. It is perfectly ok that hundreds of thousands of men women and children live on the street while millions of homes and other buildings sit empty. It is perfectly fine that the cost of food keeps rising, as does the number of those who go without it. Stealing from these corporations who make their money from exploiting people is wrong."
    Fuck that.

  13. I agree with the message 'fuck big corporations' but stealing is wrong, and will not bring down said corporations. Now you can be dumb like I was, and lose your job, and pay 190$ fine for an 80 cent RC cola 😀

  14. I'm an edger and have made 90% of everything I own, so to be smart ass-y, it wouldn't be very good quality. And if someone stole from me, sure I'll be a bit pissed, but I know what goes around comes around eventually. I don't know what I'm trying to say, but as a skilled kleptomaniac, I won't be caught stealing from a friend. But I do understand your point of view.

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