21 thoughts on “CLICK MARKETPLACE LOCKDOWN BARGAIN BOX?! Discount food/drink/household/cleaning items 👀

  1. Hey lovely, I’m going to check this out to see what they do my hubby takes a lot of pickup stuff with him as he works away so the treats box sounds great too great video love Jo xx

  2. Thank you for sharing can’t wait to show on my channel I used ur code I bought a crisp box two of them and a Feb lockdown box saved £7.99 with your code happy days 🥰🥰

  3. Your looking fab today lovely oh you cant beat a good stew Definitely not worth the money but thanks for showing us ♥️

  4. Don't think this box is worth the money ,I work in a discount shop so I no how much these things cost ,but love you and your enthusiasm ❤

  5. I feel a lot of it you would get from Poundland lol, it’s a good idea but not sure it’s for me lol. Ooooo stew and dumplings, I totally get the mums cooking thing but for me it’s my nans, just a shame she’s no longer here :/ xx

  6. Old fashioned stew and dumplings – I grew up in the 60s, one of 4. This was a cheap meal to fill us up and regularly appeared on our dinner table. Never tasted the same 2 weeks running – any leftovers in the fridge found their way into it – always delicious, but best not to ask what was in it !

  7. Never heard of this company, think it's a new thing they have come up due to lockdown.. they could've done a better box, some is okay but mostly a no, what it shows on site is better then what they gave you, defo not worth £70, yeh maybe £30..
    Mr tom is nice, reminds me of school days..
    They do have some good single stuff on the site…
    Thank you for sharing ❤

  8. First of all…you are bloody amazing and secondly you always look beautiful but girl you're make up is banging xx lots of love xxx

  9. Wow load's of great stuff 👍 can't wait for the next unboxing ☺️ love the makeup. pretty lipstick 💄tyfs stay safe 💖

  10. Ooohhhh my late mum used to make a cracking stew wen I was a a kid😍with proper rib sticking dumplings that wud swell to the full size of the huuuuuggggeeeee pot bubbling away on the stove. Aaaewwww them were the days❤😋
    Great video Faye as always👍
    You look sooooooo gorgeous tonight hun. Makeup and hair is so lush❤👌

  11. Looking good faye!👀👍 yes to the stew! Ive just looked up the recipe for Bettys hotpot from Coronation St! Everybody eats bettys hotpot!😝😝😝 i think you just about got your moneys worth for £30 but i definately would pay the rrp! I love getting parcels when you dont know whats in them though (except when its a corpse sausage tray!)😝😝

  12. I love spray starch. Spray it on big Steve’s shirts or any blouses that need ironing. Spray as you iron. It’s very common here in America. Makes easy work of wrinkled laundry. This wasn’t a bad box at all.

  13. I absolutely love chocolate limes😀😀Tesco ones are my favourite . You certainly bright up everyone’s day. Stay well and safe and love to your beautiful family 😘

  14. I love these hauls, but I’m starting to wonder where you store all your things as you love a good b&m, Poundland bargain like my self 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️.. Omg almost at 13k subscribers!! Woooo 💛

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