15 thoughts on “Cobeads.com DT Project Share. Discount code TUCKER5OFF02

  1. Oh my wowsers!!! Just stunning. Love those poinsettias lady!! It just all turned out amazing. TFS!!! Happy New Year my friend!!

  2. Gorgeous flowers my sweet friend! I love your card with the waves too! How is Pat Susan? I hope she is doing much better. I sure have been praying for her. 💝💜🤗💕

  3. These came out beautiful! If you don’t mind me making one comment… I see people not adding leaves to their poinsettias. The “flower” is actually modified leaves in the real plant. So you can cut out another set in a green as a base if you want leaves. You don’t need a different die.

  4. Love these projects sweetheart the dyes are gorgeous love the way the flower turned out hugs love and kisses and happy New Years darling

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