12 thoughts on “Cooper Discoverer ATP Tires | Discount Tire

  1. These vs the AT3 XLT's?
    I've ran at3s on most all of my vehicles and noticed a slight improvement off road with the at3 xlts vs the plain at3 but never heard of these.

  2. Thinking about these for my 2016 XLT , I'm lookin at 305/55R20's , I've read they'll fit on the stock chrome rims I've got , may have to trim some to prevent rubbing .

  3. Just put a set of these on my 2019 F150 (275/65R18) and they are absolutely amazing. My truck rides so smooth, zero vibrations at any speeds. I also like the fact that they have outlined white lettering, they look great on my truck.

    Just a quick note, I went through 4 different sets of tires on my truck trying to get a smooth vibration free ride. These are now my go too tire. I used to be a huge BFG fan, but not anymore!

  4. I have 25000 miles on mine and you can't even tell they're one of the best of the tires I've ever owned perfect Traction in the rain sand rocks great and all conditions quiet on the highway with great handling

  5. Discount put these on my work truck/snowplow at the end of 2015. (2013 Ram 3/4 quad cab.) I'm happy overall, but they destroyed my fuel economy. And the tires "might" make it to the full 55k. "MIGHT"! I am at 46K and almost down to the tread wear indicators now No problems with plowing my dirt road with them. But there wasn't any problem with the stock tires either.

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