11 thoughts on “Cord Cutting Weekly: AT&T Now No More, Hulu's Student Discount, CES 2021 Wrap-Up, & More!

  1. I came in originally when ATT TV Now was "DirecTV Now" at a "lifetime" rate of $35 a month. That lifetime turned out to be about a year as they quickly more than doubled their prices. After complaining when they bumped me up from $35 to $80 for the same package, they brought me down to $60, where I have been for over a year now. Their impending demise has been pretty expected for a while now though, as they have run ATT TV Now like the Titanic. I anticipate they will end support for legacy users eventually and port us over to ATT TV or cancel us. When they port us, it will suck as it will mean we either have to pay a lot more to keep the same channel coverage or lose access to a ton of channels. For a comparable line-up, my cost would move from $60 to $100. That's a far cry from the $35 I started at or even the $60 I'm at now. Additionally, we will also lose free HBOmax and additional discounts on other premiums (for example I pay $8 for Showtime instead of $11). Jury's still out on if we will maintain any bundling deals too, like my $10 off for combined billing. So all in all, this is bad news for long time ATT TV Now customers. The writing is on the wall for us, but I'll continue to ride out the old deal for as long as possible, then re-assess. I don't foresee myself sticking with ATT though. They have proven to be too unstable and the customer service is some of the worst in the industry. If I am taking a hit to my wallet or channel lineup either way, then I prefer to do it with a different company.

  2. Why do students need a discount? so they can save money and use it for their drinking habbits so common in the college culture.

  3. AT&T just can't seem to make up its mind. I'd be mad if I were one of these people who had to get an AT&T TV box and now don't have to have it.

  4. I’m still on the “grandfathered” contract from when they first started. I still feel like it’s a better deal compared to others.

  5. AT&T finally got smart by offering the no contract live tv service. Now they need to improve their stream quality. I’ve read many reviews lately that the streaming and service is not very good.

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