40 thoughts on “Cyberpsycho Sighting Discount Doc – Cyberpunk 2077

  1. Thank you. The way the game obfuscates and tries to hide some of the [search area for information] objectives in missions is really starting to piss me off.

  2. Easy way to take out the big guy is climb onto the roof of the house next door and use a smart sniper rifle. Didn't have to dodge any unfriendly fire, just sat there and took my time.

  3. .If you run behind him you get a chance to do take downs from the back. Pulling the battery out. And then from the side you run up on his arm and punch him in the face. The first take down goes from 100 to 70% of health

  4. A work around this is not get close to the area if you're not ready to fight him or else it will trigger the fighting between the cyberpsycho and the mercs. If somehow the sequence got triggered without you even realizing it, example chasing the AI taxi around the area (like in my case). Load an early save say like 3 blocks away, and then go to the site. If the dead merc with the shard ( the guy dual wielding unity) is not there, then just re-load again. Did it like 3 X, eventually he spawned @ my 4th try.

  5. For those of you having a hard time finishing this, I searched for 20 minutes, came here didn't really help but read one comment that said check the computer in the garage. It's not let up it doesn't say to check it doesn't even suggest it with a yellow magnifying glass. However check it read the messages boom, quest over

  6. So it would seem if the npc with the second shard dies, and you don't loot him, then come back at a later time, that npc despawns?


  7. Out of all the games ive played over the years I never bothered to leave a review… this triggered me so hard i had to not recommend it..tried to enjoy the game regardless of the many bugs i came across with 100+ hrs playtime but this one just did it for me.. Im done… will maybe come back in 2022 when these syphilitic bugs are fixed. Game clearly needs more polish.

  8. I was able to complete this using these steps in this order: Watched the fight, didn’t loot or scan anyone till fight was done, tranq’ed the psycho, then looted and scanned each of the four gunman, one at a time, looted them and read the messages as I looted them. When all four and psycho were looted, went to the computer in the garage, read all msgs, then it said complete.

  9. If you did Delmain Epistrophy first you’re fucked I’m in the same boat, the attacker never spawns and you can do everything without getting anything

  10. make sure to loot everybody in that zone
    there are many intel in that zone that requires you to loot and read before you can send details away

  11. It's bugged for me too, have checked all the message in the laptop, one body never spawn. So many side quest is bugged in this game for me

  12. game glitched here and "Send a crew "shard never dropped. Checked the 3 bodies and the entire yard 100 times… Fucking game. Awful

  13. Yeah okay I see my issue here. The game thought I could take him on at level 18. I did it, eventually. Even took him alive. But it was really cheesy lol

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