22 thoughts on “Discount || Find Cost Price? || Lesson-6

  1. Sir actually last question Ur gven for home work that ans I get 660
    MP- 800
    D-10%…. discount will be 8
    Profit given 20%
    ANS 660
    But given ans 600

  2. My favorite Teacher on Youtube from the very beginning.. He is like a GOD for many students especially the poors who can't afford expensive Coaching Institute. God bless him & his family💚💚💙💙

  3. Sir please upload a video on Topic sequence. Because i am confused from which video should start first and practice i am new subscriber to your channel, especially quantitative aptitude please sir

  4. Sir plz continue uploading before I get any job becoz am relying only on ur channel……. Any way thnq so much …may God bless u.

  5. Sir please upload the blood relation video balance part sir…how to identify the blood relation without using the "my" word sir… please upload that video sir

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