32 thoughts on “Discount Mage Leaving My Opponents SHOCKED!!

  1. Depends on the school. To get into universities in California you are required to take 2 years or 3 years of a foreign language. Beyond that the schools do not require it.

  2. I really love your content… but stop spreading false information about VPNs.
    A VPN does not make a difference regarding cookies. I know that you want to make some money with ads for NordVPN… but fuck that… don't tell lies if you don't know any better

  3. Re: languages in the US, also, it really depends on what state you're in, too, since requirements can change from state to state.

    My high school did not require any foreign languages; my college did.

  4. Hi Thijs. From the US. Learned some Spanish in elementary school. In high school and middle school, we needed to take some language courses: we had some freedom what to pick.

  5. Well I'm from Venezuela, I speak spanish, english and currently learning chinese:D. And in highschool they teach us english but really basic (5 years learning verb to be xD)

  6. Cookies are what keep you logged in to sites like YouTube. It's the only way the browser can remember your credentials. It's 3rd party cookies – cookies NOT PROVIDED by the domain you are currently on – that are the real problem. Blocking Third Party Cookies in your browser is a good idea and should adversely affect almost nothing.

  7. american here!
    most universities require you to have 2 years of foreign language before attending. but sadly no one actually learns

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