22 thoughts on “Discount – Torn Jeans

  1. Haven't listened to these guys in years – Does anyone happen to have Malories Mission? Loved that track, and can't find it for the life of me.

  2. This is ok for what it is…but man, Alison sure became more creative and original. Jamie Hince didn't hurt the situation either.

  3. i left the first kills cd in my mother in laws car, right after finding/buying and WTF ING it was an accident, but a good one. what a fucking awful piece of…ugh

  4. Pop punk had its minute… and it's over. Discount is gone the way of many great bands from the late 90's… Embrace change. It's the only constant.

  5. Vero Beach! Use to love going down to the "Women's Club" in mainland vero back in the mid 90's to watch them. TBP1438 did you know Chris the accountant? If so I have been trying to find him for years to catch up.

  6. Alison said she never was able to write songs in Discount and that she's happy in The Kills because she writes her own music. Discount is GREAT! I love her voice in this, don't get me wrong. But Ali is way more herself in The Kills.

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