42 thoughts on “Discount Wedding | Extreme Cheapskates

  1. Bruh- you don’t need a wedding to get married- YOU CAN DO IT FOR A LOT WHOLE ASS CHEEPER IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE A WEDDING-

  2. I got married with about $400. I bought a nice simple white dress online $120. We did the small ceremony (50 ppl) at a state park $125. Went to a farmers market to get a whole bulk of random flowers. $75. It was done Potluck style! $50 for my share of food. The rest was for some minor decor (tea candles, tablecloths) and my husband used a nice suit he had at home. No brides/grooms people, none of that extra un neccesaries. My guests were able to take the flowers home, invitations were given via phone call. It was awesome! Super casual, non headache inducing wedding.

  3. There's always the ¢25 gumball machine rings if we're talking cheapskates… And who the hell wears hot pink with lime green?!??!

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