1. I really hope these college discounts are helpful to you now or in the future. Be sure to leave any others below to help each other out 🙂

  2. to add to this, you can also get these discounts in grad school, medical school and law school

  3. Hi I’m debating on getting Spotify or Apple Music, I know you said you like Spotify better. What makes it better? Also with Spotify and getting Hulu free. Do you get access to everything on Hulu? Or just a small selection?

  4. I’d rather waste money on YouTube premium than use Spotify as Spotify doesn’t have all music :/ that’s y I downloaded YouTube to my pc and put on my phone through iTunes lol

  5. Hi there I just got accepted as a. RT student & need a Mac lap top, do you know how to exactly get the discounts?
    Love your videos 🌿 such a positive person & treat to watch!

  6. Do you need some ID to verify that you are a student? For example I don´t live en USA but I am a student in my country so i want to know if i will have problems if an international courrier receive my macbook. Please answer my question.

  7. congrats on graduating!! thanks for the tips- I’m entering VT as a freshman this fall and just learned I had to get a macbook pro. this vid was SO timely and helpful!!

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