44 thoughts on “DISCOUNTS! SAVE MILLIONS! GTA Online

  1. I legit made 15 mil today most money I’ve made in one day in gta but frfr in total I’ve made like 60 mil since cayo perico came out

  2. Banned on PSN this whole week go figure. Thank you toxic GTA grieving community😂😂 Shout out to Beebadoll for making this ban possible

  3. Nice
    Please Video of best 3 approach for Cayo Heist or 5
    Please play the full Heist so we know how to do it step by step
    Thanks 😊

  4. I'm finally starting to get good at the Cayo Perico heist so the bank is looking nice rn. I need that Issi Classic for my rally garage though! 😁

  5. Can some1 help me I'm only level 42 got it in December i can't find the bit where you do it I'm stuck to the fleeca job and prison break but no one want to join it comment and I'll give username

  6. This game so disgusting, after i finished the heist i got kicked out of online so i was trying for 1 hour to go back online, after i did i finished the cayo heist again, of course on normal because of that bs bug, so i restarted the heist, did the anoying mission of the velum just to get glitched again just when i was touching the yellow point on the vellum it disappeared and my velum died for no reasson.
    F*ck this and f#$k Rockstar, im going to do money glitches again, i tried to be a good player but i ran out of patience

  7. I immediately bought the sub in last week's sale. I didn't regret it one bit. Now I can make around 4-5m a day solo. Thanks for thec updates Ty.

  8. Ever since Cayo Perico, it does not matter at all if you bought anything full price or discounted. However, I myself am a stingy bastard who only gets anything discounted or under 6 digits.

  9. 20 million in the last 4 days and that was from casual heisting on solo. Best update yet.

    Only now did I begin to risk selling other business products on full lobbies lol adding more to the money. I think we've reached the end game content, people.

  10. Have you ever tried shooting the missiles at the people on the flying bikes? Great sport here in america, Canada, Pakistan, United Kingdom, France and Saudi arabia

  11. People who can't start the heist yet: cries in poor

    I won a million in the casino in like half an hour and wasted it all without thinking so rip me

  12. Rockstar be like We should be able to strike YouTubers that don't promote shark card sales.
    R* Next week all heists will pay 35% LESS. You guys want balance? Here ya go. Balance

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