27 thoughts on “Dmart latest tour, 50% discount offers, new arrivals, steel & non-stick items, kitchen organisers

  1. Today I have watched some of your videos of different types i.e. Reliance, Dmart, Spar, Vishal mega Mart I found very good to understand because you give every thing's exact & clear name with ₹ there, be it any utensil or any stuff, so that become easy to understand what is that thing actually, name & ₹ that too in bottom so it doesn't come between in videos & it's clear so easy to read. Some other people videos either they don't give names & ₹ just show stuff or if they give then they give prices sometimes, sometimes not, not give names if gave then it in very small letters partly difficult to read. So, I found you channel very good for this👍.

    Will you do 1 thing? At 7:40 you are showing cute basket, can you tell which metal baskets are those? Crystal or glass or something else?

  2. Every seller must write MADE IN BHARATVARSH or MADE IN BHARAT instead of Made in india in english on all utensils, not on just utensils be it any thing any stuff BHARATVARSH must be there, no matter which script be it in any script but it must be BHARATVARSH as BHARATVARSH is country's Real original actual genuine authentic name. Other 2 names have given by other country people why we say or write them on our items or anything. Country's original name BHARATVARSH must be there.
    BHARATVARSH is must.

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