1. i’ve watched you since 2012-2015?? somewhere in there can’t remember exactly when you started Youtube but i’ve quite literally watch you from the beginning! It broke my heart to see that you were in a very tough time a few years back but it makes me ecstatic to see you doing so much better 🥺🌸 i hope you are well love, and i hope you continue to do well!

  2. I love you, but PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM DOLLSKILL. They are extremely racist, steal designs and are homophobic. When the riots were happening the owner told the police to shoot all of them on site. They are a horrible company.

  3. Hello beautiful, I want to know something, I know that maybe you are not going to answer me but actually I want to know, is something happening to you? I care about you you know that you can count on all the people and we can help you.

  4. Hello Princess. cute scenery, and her outfit is elegant and cute, a merry Christmas and a happy new year! much love to you ♥ ️
    PS: I don't buy because you don't have anything masculine 😂lol

  5. Idk why I was died laughing when I saw her tumbnail with her little tank top suspender fall off😭😂😂😂 so cute so human

  6. The code doesn't work for me.. I really want the skirt but the shipping is already 14$ and without the code it's too expensive

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