48 thoughts on “Don't Buy A Discount Puppy Online

  1. Thank you for showcasing this scam! I was targeted by one of these but not nearly as obvious. It was before I found your channel but thanks to people like you I did my research and didnt pay them

  2. Thank you for bringing this to light, I work at a pet store and I can't tell you how many people have come in during the past 6 months saying they got scammed while trying to buy a dog online. Even had one person come in and tell me that their puppy was going to be "shipped" to them in a week so they came in to buy stuff for it…. that was a brutal day.

  3. backordered hmm…
    I'm an AKC breeder/Owner/Handler I pray people are to smart to fall for these scams. Breeder wont let you put a puppy in a online shopping cart. Their not toys.

  4. 14:18 so the scammer is calling Kadijia a female… but why does her description have the “him” pronoun, and talks about both Miller and Caesar… it’s the EXACT SAME description as miller. Roflmao

  5. In france they do a scam with free puppies. The ad is from your region but when you call they say they live on the other side of the country and are going to send you the dog, for free.
    I didnt went that far but apparantly while the dog is underway they tell there is a problem somewhere and tell you to pay to get the dog back on his way to you. Its a small amount but no dog ever comes offcourse.

  6. I didn't know that the United State has a Ministry of Livestock & Husbandry. Of course, I also thought there were more than one State was United.

  7. Omg I feel like I am so smart and if this ediot who can not add basic math can make money I certainly can and in a honest way.

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