25 thoughts on “Don't Miss Out.. Rockstar Added These HUGE Discounts in NEW Red Dead Online Update (RDR2)

  1. Why aren't you or anyone covering the fact rockstar said free online no ps plus needed until may then abruptly took it away

  2. No one gunna say anything about how clean the last kill was in the video. He got the tackle execution RIGHT when the song dropped haha

  3. I think people would look at your content more if instead of praising something like 30% off a horse you talked about the lack of updates with real content, people have been trying to make the devs realize that and by making this video you’ll only make them think they’re doing it right

  4. a few days ago I received a message … it said that you could play without plus until 05/27 but now ask plus … does anyone know something?

  5. ROCKSTAR shouldve add all the suits in RDR2ONLINE IN RDR2 STORYMODE I think they don't care about the STORYMODE nomore they only update about the online..🤦

  6. Yay I only need to finish 10 challenges for a whole 1 gold bar !!! Seriously though I’m done with this shit show of a “game” fuck this game

  7. I was actually looking forward to playing but after seeing my whole challenge streak gone and getting .10 for a challenge I’m about done with this shitshow of a game and “company”

  8. I don’t understand the point of legendary bounties that only pay $12. The bounty hunter missions have always seemed like a huge pain in the ass for barely any cash.

  9. Went online today(ps4) and the sound and sound effects is totally fucked..is anyone else having this problem?

    Hazard thanks for the updates and vids they help pass the time at work 🤣

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