48 thoughts on “DOUBLE Money, Discounts, Itali RSX, Brioso 300 and Modern Go Kart Released | GTA 5 Online Event Week

  1. Want to unlock the Itali RSX trade price? Check out => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2cXbFKePBc
    Edit: Correction about double money: The event week when it launched showed the things I mentioned, but this must've been a mistake by Rockstar. Apologies for the confusion. In and Out is the only double money mode this week.

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  2. The snow is fun and all but I can't see more than 10 meters in front of me when I'm in a plane. Especially when it's the vellum for the perico scope out.

  3. OH I meant to say, those Go Kart style tracks shown in the video look awesome, and would be great to see these new vehicles get a category that they could be used in, perhaps even with their own special Go Karting track type designs too, rather than just being used in all the standard races!
    Also, you left the mouse cursor on the thumbnail image😛 but no worries there xD
    (I know I already commented, but figured it was worth another comment instead of editing my previous one to add even more!)

  4. Always great to see the snow back each year for Christmas, though between the snow and the Festive Gift, it seems Rockstar are being generous by giving them to us earlier than usual this year, and extended snow time too😮 given we used to only get the snow for like a couple of days around Christmas and New Year times, so it makes for a nice/good change to have it for a longer duration and hopefully stays that way too!
    Some awesome discounts this week too, between not one but TWO FREE vehicles and especially the Prime discounts, some great vehicles for 80% off too!👍

  5. Haven't had good double money missions lately all they put are some of the lowest paying things double in game whats wrong with hotring races, client jobs, poster missions, contact missions, vip work, overtime shoot-out/rumble there is plenty of jobs that get more people playing when its double, they are trolling people knowing a lot are at home smh.

  6. Where was this information found on? Tez said only the in and out game mode is double money. If that's true then fuck rockstar dude. That's such a shitty game mode. I was actually excited to play some of my favorite adversary modes.

  7. I got the twitch prime for the sub but i have yet to receive it, does it just take long or am i doing smth wrong? (Accounts r connected yes)

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