46 thoughts on “DOUBLE Money, Slamtruck Released and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Online Event Week) | Jan 21st – 27th

  1. Small correction: Podium vehicle is Peyote Custom. Apologies. Also watch my tragic attempt at hitman pls thx https://youtu.be/F9sXV4R5DbQ

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  2. god being an og player is so annoying i already own all these vehicles, guess im just buyin the slamvan and doin another Manana for the fuck of it

  3. I don’t understand why rockstar adds these tow vehicles with zero functionality. Both this and wastelander could have been unique vehicles. We can transport boats on trailers in gta online but not cars.

  4. Can someone explain me exactly when does a week start? Cause right now my bunker stuffs are the same as before(in price)

  5. I'll be honest, I've been enjoying playing RDO these past first 2 weeks. A new game for me to grind instead of waiting off these unfavorable event weeks of GTAO.

  6. Well the other people I watch for these started making shitty click bait so now I olny have you thanks for staying true and not making garbage

  7. OK, your GTA content has really helped me out a lot so I'm off to check out & like your Hitman 3 video…..others please do the same to show your support for Gtamen.

  8. Always nice to have 2x bonus on Bunker sell missions, even if there's Cayo Perico as the main money earner in GTA Online nowadays!👍 Also WOAH 70% off the PR4!? must resist urge to fill a 10 car garage with them!😮😛

  9. Im so pissed I missed the Toreador last week as podium vehicle cause my PS4 decided to quit on me -_- Never gonna get that opportunity for a long fkn while now ffs

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