43 thoughts on “EASY Villager Trading Hall Tutorial with Zombie Discounts Minecraft 1.15+

  1. Design works great in 1.16.2 Java Edition! One issue tho if you build a portion across, the zombie on one side can see the villagers through the jobsite blocks such as stone cutter/brewing stand. Any ideas on how to prevent that?

  2. It s good but it seems to not work anymore because when i made it villagers started to jump when they saw the zombies. And when they're jumping zombies didn't attacked them

  3. i need help
    for some reason the zombie does no damage even tho its doing the hitting animation
    and i did kill the zombie and put in a new one but it sill dosent work
    can somone please help me

  4. I'm new to villager trading. Can anyone tell me how can I reset the trade?
    So I traded all my watermelons and then the villagers don't want any more melons. So I wonder how do I get the villager to reset

  5. Make sure your difficulty settings is on hard mode for 100% making zombie villagers if it is on normal or easy mode the rate is dropped to 50% and 25% simultaneously

  6. I'm afraid that as of 1.16 , this design no longer seems to work. The zombie will not convert the villagers to zombie villagers- he'll just hit them until they die. This wouldn't be a problem if you could raise them to safety in time, but the zombie will not attack them while you're around. By the time you could get back to save them, the zombie will have fully killed them.

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