1. Bhai Mai App ki veidos ko bahut pasnd karta hoi ! Plz one 💓 _ manei Ak ka skin liya hoya hai plz muje codashop par kuch diamonds gift kardo I'd 2082666740

  2. I got blue flame Draco in first free spin . I am very very lucky at that time . I am laughing at that time because I am very lucky

  3. 🔥Free Fire is Totally Business🔥
    Guys after the entry of “K” character, free fire will become full “Pay to win”
    Alok gives only 50hp in 10s but K character
    can give 150hp in same time
    Because of K character enemies will have like unlimited health You have damaged enemy from distance and you rush on him thinking that he is damaged,
    but when you reach over there he has
    full health and he would kill you easily.
    Alok would give only 50hp in that time
    but k character gives unlimited hp in same time Till Alok and gun skins you could defeat
    enemy with skills But with k character enemy would recover your damage in very very
    short time
    The one who doesn’t top up
    has no future in this game
    🙏Also please checkout🙏
    my channel once My channel is now dead Please support me please
    Bhai ek bar gameplay dekh lo accha Lage
    Toh channel ko subscribe kar dena ❤️
    Dekhata hu kitne bande chhote
    Youtuber ko support karte hain

  4. Mugha ak dragon AK Ka skin de do Mera I'd haa mdaadil5711 hai gift car so please BHI I love you too you may tum se pear karate hu dilhi me 23 nanumber KO LAL kila ki pash me likhi rahuangi l miss you please gift carna yad se 23 nanumber KO aana

  5. 👈I spend my most of time in "recording","gameplay" and editing and uploading . I need all my brothers and sisters support 🙏🙏🙏😔

  6. "Time is short thing"""Girlfriend is nothing"""
    Freefire game is everything" bhai i am not raistar😔but i love you all" i need my all brothers and sisters support🙏🙏🎯😔

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