24 thoughts on “EXPOSED Staged VIRAL “Veteran Discount” Clickbait

  1. Yeah, no doubt staged… However, I feel too many "privileged" civilians have no understanding of what soldiers sacrifice for them.
    The emotional fortitude required, knowing you may not come home,.. what you are risking for others, shouldn't even be questioned.

  2. Didn’t Biden j send his troops back to Iraq ? Trump pulled them out j for Biden to put them back in and cause more ptsd

  3. The craziest thing is that this video got more clout than the original video that took place in some kind of a public fare that involved multiple young soldiers. This bug eyed jerk reenacted that video. This video is so fake and im appalled how he just took the woman's money and immediately handed it to the cashier. A real soldier wouldn't take any citizens money like that.

  4. Does it matter if it's staged or not. It's at least educational and people can learn to respect Veterans which I don't think you do.
    Don't be a Hypocrite.

  5. Imagine being there just to have a random youtuber call it staged, oh wait I was. Not like people will believe me anyways so whatever, but screw you for claiming it's fake

  6. Military discount? For what? When was the last time the US Military defended it's citizens? I guess in world war 2 against Japan. That's it. Give up privileges? You are in the military by your own decision.
    I had no choice. I was forced to military service. In this case.. the fake veteran is the real Karen.. asking for discounts for just being in the military. Give me a break. Don't you have any honor..asking for discounts..

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