40 thoughts on “FIN 300 – Discounted Payback Rule – Ryerson University

  1. Sir. Your videos and method of teaching came through for me again. Can't leave without saying how helpful this is and how grateful I am💯👏🤝

  2. You were extremely helpful, I'm doing my Masters and your way made everything as simple as it ever it could be.

    Tons of thanks from Dubai x

  3. thank you so much keep it up cause you are helping us college students a lot, btw what a feat we can accomplish you being wherever you are located and me being in Cyprus and being able to teach me even though you are so far. Again thank you

  4. You really have a gift of explaining things. Have you done anything on call and put options? Trying to figure out what long and short mean and how they are used. Also, in the global economy I wonder if you have done anything with doing business with a multi national company and how you handle exchange rates and interest with NPV.

  5. Out of all the videos I've searched for on how to do Discounted Payback Period calculation, yours is the only one that made sense!

  6. Sir u r exceptional.. I was bzy in solving this question since 3 days but i cant… But your video helps me alot…
    Sir we want your type of instructors in our universities 😍😍

  7. If you don´t pay upfront than your discounted payback period could be less than the normal payback period, am i right? 🙂

  8. His math is correct, he is not mean to take a one-time discount to find the discount value on that year, he means to take 100 which is future value back to the present value with compounding interest rate (discount rate) :[(100%+10%)^year] and add all the present value up finding the net present value. The net present value has to be greater than 0

  9. Bro formula innovate by you seems to have serious problem because answer should be 2.6 i.e. 2 years and 6 months but by using that formula amount left to recover/net instal answer is 2.5 years which seems to be wrong logically also because if 100$ is for full year, 50$ would be in 6 months.

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