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  1. Update: Apparently they all sold out in a crazy amount time. That's actually bad, I hope more people can get this. Finalmouse are going through the orders to cancel bot orders, so more stock should come up. Otherwise, they've opened a pre-order for people (not sure if discount code still works?): https://finalmouse.com/products/ultralight-2-cape-town-preorder-extension

    Still recovering from being sick, was a struggle to get through this voice over. Hope it's ok!

    Discount Code RJN only works on Finalmouse site https://finalmouse.com/ … just go there and get to ordering if you want one.
    Won't work on MaxGaming, sorry! But I think they are getting stock too.

    Here are the timestamps as requested:

    0:00 Quick Review
    0:28 Finalmouse sales and intro
    0:40 Improved Cable
    0:54 Size Comparison
    1:23 First use and measurements
    2:04 How to choose the right size
    3:11 Height Measurement
    3:27 Unboxing and Infinity skins
    5:31 Weight + Skins
    5:51 Feel and materials
    6:20 Shape Tour
    7:01 500Hz and latency testing
    7:45 Wheel concerns and new design
    7:56 Buttons and Sound Test
    9:06 Build Quality
    9:42 New Feet
    9:51 Shipping Times
    10:09 No Software and DPI Steps
    10:15 Sensor Performance (LOD: Under 1 DVD)
    10:35 Conclusion
    12:30 Is this video sponsored?
    12:45 How to buy
    13:03 Did I help design the mouse?
    13:37 Because it was meant to be

  2. It took me a few days to get used to how light this mouse is, I actually didn't like it at first and was missing shots. But now that I'm used to it I'm hitting 1 taps easier than I used to, and when I pick up my G Pro Wireless it feels like a brick now. The only thing I don't like is the side buttons, I would have preferred there be a 5mm gap between them like most mice have, just makes it way easier not to accidently press both. Also due to how short the mouse is I feel like I have to bend my thumb backwards to use the mouse 5 side button. Also the side buttons stick out too far for me, but thankfully using infinity skins on the sides fixes that and makes the mouse more grippy as well, the reason they made the side buttons so thick was to accommodate infinity skin use in the first place. The cord is really great, still took getting used to coming from wireless though, the feet are up there in glide, if only they had rounded edges they would be perfect, they take some time to wear in on cloth due to the sharp corners. I actually like the soft scroll wheel. Overall top mouse, would buy again (except can't as it's sold out). Also people saying 500hz is fine must not be using 240hz monitor, I was getting stuttering mouse movement until I used DM1 Pro S software to change polling rate to 1000hz. 500hz is fine on 144hz monitor though.

  3. My hand is exactly the same size as yours, been using G305 and G Pro wireless, liked both but always felt they were either too heavy or couldn't grip perfectly, I actually preferred the old Microsoft Optical mouse but I got too used to having side buttons to go back to it. I found a store still selling their last stock of the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 and ordered, I just know I'm going to love it. It's also great that we now have cheap small light options like the viper mini and mm710.

  4. Lol, just saw you in my feed for some reason. This was literally the last video of yours I watched. You lost your credibility imo after this review. GL with life

  5. i want a wired mouse again i now have the gpro wireless and want a finalmouse not sure if the ultralight pro or ultralight 2 is the u2 really so small

  6. Zy for fucks sake man… I love your videos but finalmouse products are just trash. Hugely overpriced entry level mice at best. They always have critical build quality issues. You are lucky if the mouse wheel doesn't break down in the first 2 weeks.
    There are amazing mice that are half the price of this. G102 is like 30 dollars and it is basically a premium level mouse with an amazing sensor that performs like a 3366. Viper is 60 bucks, 70 grams, great sensor and has optical switches. You can get Viper Ultimate for around 110 bucks (still cheaper than UL2) and it is a wireless mouse that performs better than most of the wired mice out there.
    If you still want to go even ligher there is MM710. One of the best optical sensors in the market, safe shape and 50 something grams. Another premium mouse with amazing quality sold dirt cheap.
    If you are looking for amazing shapes Zowie always has your back.
    If you are looking for a large mouse Deathadder has been the backbone of larger mice. And it is still an amazing choice with a great sensor and safe shape for medium/large hands.

    The list goes on and on. The top tier mice at the moment are just too good to consider this. And they are even cheaper. This is just good marketing and overhyping.
    Finalmouse is a company with bad manners towards their customers and their mice are overrated/overpriced garbage. Companies like Logitech, Razer, CM, Glorious are just amazing companies with great customer support and their products are amazing. Don't let Finalmouse earn money buy selling these things that they call ''top-tier gaming mice''.

  7. Just an FYI, the only issue I have had with this mouse in the past 7 months is the side buttons are slightly loose but it barely affects anything I do. Completely recommend this mouse to anyone who wants a mouse and it is definitely better then the Model O- (my opinion!).

  8. i loved my ultralight 1 and the only complaint that i had was that i wish it was smaller. it seems like the ul2 is the answer i've been waiting for. sucks that i was so late to the party tho and paid way more than msrp 🙁

    also i hate how apologetic you have to be just because you like this mouse, i trust your opinion more than other tech reviewers mainly because you have a unique way to back up what opinions you have with your gameplay. quake is one of the hardest games to play imo, so i'm defo going to give more weight to you rather than a person that may not have the same background in competitive fps'. also help that we have pretty similar hand sizes lmao

    great vid man

  9. I just got it. I don't know if I love it… and I have small hands 17cm. Maybe it feels off because I came from a bigger mouse (xtrfy m4). It feels like I have nothing to grip, I can't find a comfortable grip at all and this is coming from someone with small hands. This mouse is small af

  10. All this hate for finalmouse in the comments and calling their products overpriced, but I bet half the people use apple products to some degree. Hypocrite much?

  11. uuuhhh man idk what to do. i was initially going to get this but found out they are going to restock until august and I'm probably;y going to go with the model O- but the model O is ehh its okay, there aren't any good small mouse out at the moment this all sucks

    I JUST WANT THE MOUSE, fuck i think im gonna have to buy it for like $160, my only choice

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