32 thoughts on “First Home Scheme UK // First Time Buyers and Keyworkers – 30% Discount

  1. About time us first time buyers and key workers are rewarded properly for a change. Working hard to save for a large deposit for an old property isnt progress, especially when social housing are given brand spanking new houses at the tax payers expense.

  2. Thanks for your useful videos. I am first time buyer as well. I am waiting for your detail information things like how to apply and all those. Thanks again

  3. I am a delivery driver working with icelands supermarket, do I qualify as a key worker? This is honestly great news I just hope I qualify 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  4. I'm a lab technician who tests ship fuel, I've worked throughout all of the pandemic even the first lockdown so I hope I'll be considered a key worker if this happens and not just when it suits the government

  5. Hi Alex, I am currently in the process of buying a property using the Help to Buy equity loan of 20%. I was wondering do you think I should wait until the new scheme is out with the 30% off later this year.

    Thank you 🙂

  6. I’m a nurse and looking to buy my first home with my partner. This could help us massively! Thanks for your videos!!

  7. Hey Alex, I'm a first time buyer so wondering how can I apply for that and how to find houses with this discount? Also can I take advantage of this and 95% mortgage together?

  8. So just say I buy on this scheme say the house 180k I get it for 126k and sell a year later. Do I have to sell it at 126k or do I sell it just under market value or 30% than market value at the time of valuation

  9. Hi @alexkerrmortgage,should this not work with help to buy,roughly what will be the minimum deposit percentage?
    We're looking to buy our first home this year so hopefully this scheme is of benefit.
    Great content BTW

  10. Sounds interesting 🤔
    My dilemma is that.:
    1. Wouldn't it inflate the price of the new build houses further meaning the 30% will in real term be much less?
    2. Will you be able to sell someone who isn't a key worker nor a first time buyer and will the discount will still apply?
    3. Will developers be encouraged to sell the houses under this scheme, or they will prefer to sell them to those who don't take advantage of it
    4. If a couple purchase a property but only one is a key worker would it be the same discount?
    5. What is the definition of local area? If the development 1.1 mile away wouldn't be able to purchase under this scheme but 0.9 miles away you can?

    There are hundreds of pitfalls in this idea and if just one of them isn't a thought trough properly it can fall apart.

    We live in Surrey and in this area we are more then 30% away from what we can buy.
    200K is a second hand Studio flat. What kind of new build we could buy here that is 300K? Probably the same size, or even smaller. 🤔

  11. Hii..is there a salary limit on this scheme..or is it availavle to all the key workers regardless of their salaries?thanks..

  12. This is fantastic news! I’m a first time buyer AND a teacher! So I definitely qualify, right?
    I hope this scheme is for the whole of the UK and not just England. Fingers crossed Northern Ireland is included in this!

  13. Omg this is amazing!! I'm a keyworker for a private NHS hospital and will be a first time buyer with my husband, I hope we can benefit from this 😁🤞🏿

  14. This would honestly be incredible! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 do we know if there would be a time limit on this scheme?

    Thank you for all of your brilliant knowledge and expertise, I feel so much more clued up since watching your channel!

  15. Hello Alex – Are there any differences with this scheme and the starter home scheme? I understand that the starter home scheme has been replaced however, there is a local development due to commence this year and I am considering a purchasing a property there. Also are there any age restrictions on either of these schemes?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Can we use the first home scheme and help to buy together? Also is the first home scheme only for some flats or majority new builds will have it?

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