21 thoughts on “Forza Horizon Discount Sign Locations

  1. Nvm got the missing one in this video ppl that need help with last one thats in here. Its at the Beaumont Horizon Outpost thats the last one missing ur welcome cz this comment saved u all.

  2. The last one is behind the green race Bondurant Valley Skirmish which is the first road directly above the E in Gladstone

  3. thank you for your view,s on the FORZA HORIZON discount sings they are helping me through my game l just found all my barn fine,s and see where we will go from here thank,s my nick name is sexyboy1965.

  4. Thank you Sgtsmallfries for the map. A suggestion to all who are looking for all the discounted signs. Use the filter to remove all races on the map, but select them one by one do not us all…it will remove all barns and signs locations. I found all of them just by doing what I have suggested. Have fun.

  5. Just got all 100 'cause of your map. Thanks man! It got me the last 3 of them, all close to each other at a certain corner area far left of Bunker, above and to the right of Gladstone Drive, ALL on separate dirt drives. I had all roads driven weeks ago, but them not being on roads makes them even harder to find. Yeeee. 100% done the game…thank god there's enough cars in this game to not get entirely bored with it..

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