41 thoughts on “Frugal Foodies: Making Dinner at a Discount

  1. Wish I had the time to go to all of these stores. But, we have a Grocery Outlet I'm going to try. I usually get generic brands to save. Groceries are expensive and I am only buying for one!

  2. Most people don't have a discount food stores in their area. In my area we have Publix, Winn Dixie or Walmart and that is it. Just sayin'. Plus, unless you are a stay at home Mom or retired, who has time to go to 3 stores. That's an all day event. LOL

  3. I don’t think she got a deal at all spending that kind of money just for a week’s groceries that’s really expensive I don’t see her she saves money at all

  4. $168?? That's not a bargain because she has a small family. If she had like 6 kids and only spent that much then she could say she saved. She hardly bought any meat, rice, beans or potatos just some cereal and peanut butter is all I seen.

  5. Who in the world goes to like 4 different stores just to buy groceries? That's doing too much if I had a big family I would shop at a store where I could get everything in the 1 store.

  6. Okay I'm being mean but she acts like she invented the wheel at the discount store. The store is open because hundreds of people shop there. It's not a new thing

  7. When I was looking at this, I noticed that the peanut butter was not "natural". Undoubtedly contains corn sweeteners and probably hydrogenated fats, too. Fresh food and cooking at home works well. Why doesn't she use credit cards? There are many that give cash back and don't charge fees.

  8. Australia ABC channel or in USA ABC Channel??? where are those Supermarkets located at???Thanks…in USA….Pasadena, California, USA, I used coupons to shop discount cheap price for Supermarket items…..I believe it's located in Australia in Melbourne or in Sydney or in Adelaide, South Australia??? They did NOT use coupons…..Australia must be,,,….

  9. So she saves money on food but sends her daughter to private school????? It kind of sound contradictory. Idk 😐
    Where I live giant is one of the most expensive grocery stores you can shop at. If you just go to Costco buy large pounds of meat it will last you all month or longer. I save more money at Costco than I do anywhere else. Buy your sides at Walmart with coupons and your meat at Costco. Running around for four hours to spend the same amount of money you would have Spent at one store like Walmart is crazy. She really didn’t save that much money. Aldie makes you think that you are saving money but reality is most of their food is spoiled. I used to do the same thing this woman is doing. it is a trick of the mind that Aldie plays on you to make you think you are getting a better deal when most of their food is expired and has potential to leave you sick. Aldie fruits and vegetables are horrible and never last longer than a day once you get it home. Actually most of their food goes bad within days of bringing it home so it’s really not a win-win situation.

  10. This vid basically shows someone trading her time for some grocery savings. Whether that's personally worth it to you depends on what you do with your time. For this lady, it makes sense. For you, it may or may not. At the end of the day, time = $
    What's your time worth?

  11. BOIIIIIIIII 1:01 tell me whats wrong here…
    She said she willing to save money on food but, she didnt say she bought a computer. So she not that extreme.

  12. uhm 168$ weekly for a family of 5 sounds about average now in 2020🤨 Like she didnt save anything huge. My mom soends about 150$ on groceries to feed our family of 5 every week and shes not a frugal foodie. Lmafo this video was a lie just a regular women doing groceries

  13. Did anyone get Grocery Outlet/Winco vibes? I live in Humboldt County in Northern California where we totally enjoy 😊 going to those

  14. Alot of dates are also totally fine past anyway …best by is best but by no means trash or expred …most don't go bad till months after that date and that's if you dint freeze it or dehydrate it or something else

  15. thinks that primates … instinct to calculate the monetary advantage …. quality does not matter .. this is the education received in American schools ….. hamburger, coke and pizza ….. this is called social experiment. ..the problem is that youtube encourages this type of advertising … an indubitable world …

  16. genetically modified food and on the verge of expiration … this is not understood by the American people …. this experimental laboratory …. when you have cancer ask for help from the state and queue for television channels … something is rotten in the system this government …

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