23 thoughts on “Full Service Broker vs Discount Broker | how to choose stock broker | where to open demat account

  1. Hmm bilkul sahi kaha apne koi phn nhi utha
    Mere paise fas gye the
    Demat mai dalte smy by check
    Phn nhi uthya unhone
    Maine office mai jaa kar unko utha diya or pela alg se
    Ab mujhe ek RM bhi diya Jo ek ring mai phn uthta hai

  2. Mukul ji, thank you again for social service 😁🙏. My experience with full-time broker has been a mixed one, and the same is with discount broker as well. I believe, for retail investors, with good knowledge of market and small portfolio size, discount broker is comparatively better option. Brokerage charges, margin facility, trading platform and serviceability factors all counts. I've faced platform hiccups and related trade losses on certain days with a prominent discount broker. My everyday job was to give them feedback about their trading platform on Google play store, so that all present and future customers can see those comments and take note about their performance. Somehow, I could see that particular discount broker has made quantum changes on their trading platform and those glitches are not as frequent as before. I'm happy now with that discount broker. And also have seen their customer service is quite prompt nowadays.🙏

  3. Bhai
    Jo firm he Trustline
    Uske bareme ye vedio me batate to archa tha..
    Ya alag se vedio me dikhaye..
    Aapne Motilal ka name liya
    For hum confuse ke kaha account open karate
    Trusline ya motilal?
    Please clear batayeji

  4. मुकुल जी ,,मेरा a/c है ,, पिछले 3 महीने से ईमेल छोड़िए ,,कंपनी वाले ट्वीटर से लेकर इनके अडवाइजर ,,मैनेजर whattups ,फ़ोन भी ब्लॉक कर रखे हैं ,,इनके कर्मचारियों ही इनको ले डूबेंगे ,,3 सालो से कोई ट्रांजेक्शन नही होने पर डोरमेंट हो गया है ,, ईमेल आया अजब गजब कंपनी है अब तक 55000 + ब्रोकेरिंग चार्ज दे चुका हूं ,,

    मेरे लिए तो 420 फ्राड है ,, छमा करना पर पिछले कही महीनों से इनकी सर्विसेस देखते आ रहा हु ,,moq0473

    Complaint कर रहो जबतक समाधान नही होता ,,आख़री में ट्वीटर से लेकर फोन सब मे ब्लॉक कर देते है ,, motilal oswal के ट्वीर a/c में जवाब इनको क्या मिलता है ,,ये भी देखिए ,,

    कंपनी की छवि जानने के लिए सोशल मीडिया बहुत अच्छा जरिया है ,,

  5. Bahat hi acha jaankari dete rehte hai app hamesha.
    Apko aur apki pure team ko dilse dhanaaewad deta hoon🙏🙏🙏🙏

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